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  • Lefty sissor question

    I am a lefty who uses right handed shears. All my life I have used right handed sissors in my left hand. Once I bought a pair of left handed sewing sissors and it was a total bust. I couldn't cut with them at all. Now in grooming I am using right handed sissors again. I am finding my sissors do not cut well for long. I had one pair (roselines) that I loved when I first purchased them and within a couple months I noticed they do not cut well at all. I had them sharpened and they are no better. I got another pair of longer ones (heritage) and again loved them for a couple months and now notice they are lousy. I only use them on clean dogs and haven't dropped either pair. I know that being left handed I apply pressure to them differently then a right handed person. What I am wondering is am I pushing them out of adjustment because of the left handed thing? Is there a chance I could get used to left handed sissors and should I just go that route? I really need to get some decent sissors soon. I don't want to have to wait to go to a dog show to find sissors but where can I go to try out sissors?

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    Dawn, I can so relate as I am lefty also. I've been looking at a few tools I want to get and they are for 'righty'. I've never had luck with scissors either.

    Does anyone knows if there is a company/place to get 'lefty' tools? I'm sure we aren't the only lefty here


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      I've seen lefty sissors a few times. Definitely not as many choices as right handed ones. I'm just afraid to invest in them if I won't ever get used to them. It's funny how we leftys just accept that we have to use things backwards or upside down.


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        I'm a lefty, and I'm not even sure they made left-handed scissors when I started!lol The only actual 'lefty' tools I use are stripping knives. As for your scissors, try a different sharpener. I've used the same guy for 22 years (yikes!), and he always gets my scissors working properly again, and yes, I always buy right handed shears. I usually have a 'break-in' period on my new ones, where they stop cutting properly after a couple of months. I give them to him, I get them back working, and they seem to go a long time before they need to be done again.

        I, too, have tried using left-handed shears, and they wouldn't work for me at all. I think that over the years we, too, adjust to how we put pressure on the handles, and it's alot harder to adjust us than the scissors!lol


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          I have heard the reason for this is that right handed shears in Left handed hands require a different push and pull then the correct shears do. When a lefty gets the correct shears, they really need to retrain themselves on how to scissor. I have just heard this, no experience as I am a righty.


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            don't change

            I am also a lefty. I have been to many shows and all the scissor experts have told me not to change because I have been grooming along time and my brain has adjusted to righty scissors. As far as your sharpening problem goes you got me there I don't seem to have that problem. Are you using good quality scissors might make a difference.


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              I am a Lefty as well :-) I am the freak that learned to scissor right handed but do ABSOLUTELY everything else left handed.

              Dawn, her is whay your scissors don't work very long: it has to do with where we add our pressure. Using right handed scissors in your left hand will either slowly start to seperate your blades or pull them to close together it depends on whether you hold them the correct way up or the wrong way down.

              I know that Geib sells left handed scissors. If you call them they may send you a pair to try. I always call Bill his son and he delivers to our shops and will always drop things off for us to try... if we like them we keep them and send a check or return them. PM me and I will be happy to give you his info.

              I believe that you will get used to them just like we got used to using our and ring finger in scissors.

              As far as the brain thing: changing how you hold scissors has nothing to do with screwing up the brain. Only which hand you use has anything to do with brain stuff.


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                I'm probably one of the few lefties who started with lefties. I started almost 2 years ago and MADE petsomething supply me with lefties. They gave me 2 lefty 8.5's and 3 righties-balltipped curves, thinners and 5.5's (cuz they couldn't find ****** cheap lefties in those). So I use lefties for everything, but I learned to use righty thinners. Because of that, changing over to lefty thinners wasn't a problem. YES there is a different grip you'd have to adjust to, but if you really want to have true lefties, you'll manage to adjust over time. I believe it would be healthier for your wrists in the long run. Many many more companies are making and supplying true lefties because the new generations of groomers are starting to come out wanting them. At Hearshey 2 years ago, I only saw a few companies with lefties and they were only the 8.5's. At Intergroom, Almost all shear suppliers had some variety of true lefties, including the cherished 10's! I grew up with using righty kid scissors and paper scissors and it always hurt my hand. I knew I didn't want to continue with that so I insisted on finding lefties. If you DO want advice on where to find them, PM me.