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ppffttt Where's the Jack?

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  • ppffttt Where's the Jack?

    Pffft Stephen,

    Where is the Jack Russel Terrier Icon for out little avatar????


    (Stephen: No one is offering those royalty free.)

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    Jade, which JRT ? I didn't see any JRT on the avatar ?
    No JRT is cutter than my boy.


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      You can find on on the web and use it. Just make sure it's not copy writed..
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        I dont know how to use my own picture or use a picture from the web to make one of those little avatars. Id LOVE to use a pic of my own dog. Is it complicated? If its not TO complicated (Im really computer challenged) Could one of you put instructions here?


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          Go to our old board and on the top of " photo - members only " is a post that Stephen put out about how to post our own photo. If you don't have the program, you need to get one, but your digital camera should have some program that came with it. You can google ' how to post my image on the internet', I got my help that way. Good luck.


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            It's pretty easy

            Hi Jadenlea,
            I'm not very computer savy and I was able to get my avatar from online. It's pretty easy. Here's a few simple ways I have done this.

            1.First I did a search online for free avatars. I was able to right click the one I wanted. I then click on the window that opens in my computer that says "save to". Then I chose which file in my computer to save it to.
            2.When you choose your avatar in your profile on Choose upload image from your computer and click browse. Then look in the file that you saved your avatar in and click on your avatar.

            Some free avatars that I found have a URL address listed by each avatar that said to just copy and paste the avatar URL address into the site info where you want your avatar located.

            Other times after saving a free avatar to my computer files, I have needed to also save my avatar online in a place that will host your photos for free like (Really easy, just go there and they have a button to upload your photos and store them there) Then you just copy the URL address that photobucket lists under your photo and past that into the information on the site asking for your avatar url.

            Hope this is helpful! I'm not a computer whiz at all, so someone else may know a better method, but this is pretty easy and has worked for me.


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              thanks guys. I bookmarked this thread so I can sit down tomorrow when I have time and try it step by step. Do you do the same thing if you have your own picture of your dog in your files.. but how would it get so little ? hmmm.


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                Most any software you have for photos will have a place that you can resize your pic. Just pull the pic up on your software and play around with the buttons on the top, and you should be able to find some kind of resize feature, then you can make it 90x90 pixels, and 260x260, or whatever it was...
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                  I always tell myself that " if you can groom those dogs, you can do this " .


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                    I didn't realize there were more replies to this thread when I posted looking for a Pug avatar. Thanks for the information, not sure if I can follow those easy step by step instructions but maybe there's a teenager around this house that would do it for me! LOL Trying to find my way around here but I feel a little disoriented


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                      To resize my photos I use microsoft front page. It's pretty easy to do.