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Tendonitis anyone?

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  • Tendonitis anyone?

    Hi all. I'm Kathy. Pretty new to this board and every time I come back I learn new things. Just had a question for all you groomer's out there. Here's my cynario. I have been grooming for 10 years. I work out of a vet's office and I do about 5-7 animals a day. I do not have a bather. It's just me from start to finish. So about 2 years ago I developed bi-lateral tendonitis in the right elbow also known as golfer's and tennis elbow as I have sore spots on both the inside and outside of the elbow. I think I've pretty much exhaused all my conventional treatments to clear this up such as physical therapy, ice, MRI's, anti-imflammatories, Capsazion, Bandit etc. Last summer I got a cortizone injection into the elbow and it has been really good till just recently again. I must admit I am doing more dogs than ever before as I am open 6 days a week now so I am averaging about 30 dogs a week. I would jump at the chance for another injection except the fact that I am only suspose to get 3 injections into any given joint over my whole lifetime. I have been holding off on getting any more at this time but really don't know how much longer I can hold out. Just wondering if any of you suffer with this recurrent problem and what has helped you. Thanks and have a great day. Kathy

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    I have some of the same problems. I hired a bather and that has helped a lot. You could make up the money you think you'd loose by doing a couple of extra dogs a day and letting the bather do the bath dogs. I put off hiring a bather for a long time and found that was just silly. I now finish about 40-50 dogs a week. My arms and hands still ache, but not nearly as much.


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      Seems to me your busy enough to hire a bather. That would help you out.

      Even if she just worked til noon or so, and did bbn dogs, while you styled.

      You could have her do combouts and prep work too, if you find you can

      do more dogs that way. You should make more money as well.

      You could do a couple more dogs a day that way, and surely that would pay

      her for 5 or six hours a day. That. or you need to raise prices and thin out

      your clients a little, and do less work for the same money.

      Sounds like you are working to hard.


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        I had golfers elbow a couple of years ago. Besides all the meds I was told to use an elastic wrap just below the elbow, have it one except to sleep & bathe. It took a long time to get better but having the wrap on sure helped.

        If you have a shoulder problem then use a wrap high between the elbow & shoulder. "best to U"


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          Stay away from Cortizone Injections....

          for as long as you can. In California, my dad's wife was told five was the limit and I hear it has since been reduced to three. Well, she received all five in the course of a ten year period for her back, she finally had no choice but to have the surgery. Because of the cortizone, when they went in her back, her bones were brittle and they crumbled when the doctor touched them. Her discs had to be fused together. I have two family friends and one coworker who did the same thing with the same results but theirs was not as tramatic as my dad's wife.

          I agree with what others have said, see about hiring a bather. Even if its just part-time to start or have the bather do all the bath only dogs, reduce the dogs you take in a day, the longevity of your health is more important than the money. You want to be in good health to enjoy the money you are making. Have you tried going to physical therapy for your elbow or what about treating yourself to a monthly massage, I hear that they work really well. I have a couple of friends who do this on a regular.

          I hope this helps.


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            Why only three injections over a lifetime?

            Last year at Hershey, I had SEVERE tendonitis of the shoulder. I could not even lift my arm. I had three injections over a two month period. I cannot say that they helped right away, but now, I am able to lift my arm without it catching. When the pain creeps back in, you betcha I am heading right back to the dr's for another miracle shot!


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              A bather will help but your medical condition will not disapear and the brushing/combing repetitive motion is most likely aggravating it more than bathing. I've got the same problem plus some bad hands to boot. Over the counter meds, IBprufon 800 mg x 3 day and using heat and cold packs has helped me.

              Recently, I've had cortisone/steriod injections into my spine for 2 herniated discs. It really did controls the pain and increased my mobility. My doc said that I can only have 3 injections every six months. Check again with your doctor you may have misunderstood him about 3 times in a lifetime.


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                Ask your dr if massage would be ok. Tendonitis in general tends to react well over time with massage, but I don't know how severe your case is and how that would affect the possibility of using massage. It's great for helping repetitive motion injuries. Massage shouldbe an automatic thing with groomers because of the toll our bodies take. Once my biz gets running and I actually start MAKING money, you BET I'll be making regular appts. I've had MT training, I know what it can do for you if you find the right therapist and the right techniques.


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                  Thanks for all the suggestions. I think my husband is going to give me a cert. for a massage at one of our local spa's for mother's day. If it doesn't help my elbow at least it will help me de-stress as I always enjoy a good massage. I also plan on getting back with my doctor and doing some research on the cortizone injection. I am fairly certain he said only 3 shots into the same joint. I have had probably 5 so far in my lifetime. 3 in my feet, 1 in my hip and now one in the elbow. I cannot take anti-inflammatories for any length of time because I have a hernia and severe heartburn which I medicate for but anti-inflammatories can cause ulcer's in my case. The only thing I haven't tried is the massage which I will try. I didn't even think of it until several of you suggested it. My boss and I have been throwing around the idea of a bather for some time now. He needs to buy me some more cages if that will be the case as I only have 5 unless I can figure out a way to rotate the dogs out. Anyway, Thanks for all the suggestions. You have helped. Kathy


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                    I have that problem too

                    as long as i don't extend my arm all the way i am fine though. i just can't straighten my arm out all the shots for me though, i'm tough. give me a bather and an advil and i'm good to go! lol


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                      I have had the same problem now and then in my elbow, but I suffer annually without fail with very severe tendonitis in my shoulder. The elbow healed pretty quickly with massages done with a few drops of pepermint essential oil in the massage oil. I have also found magnetic therapy to work wonders. I got a magnetic elbow brace to wear when the elbow flares up and I rarely need to wear it more than a few days each time. Now the shoulder is a bit different in that the shoulder brace is kind of bulky and difficult to groom in so I don't wear it. I have been to physical therapy for the shoulder each spring for the last 4 years, having to go 2-3 times a week for most of the season to work out the inflamation. I also have my husband do the pepermint massage on the shoulder and it helps there too, but not as much as it helps the elbow. I have been told after my MRI that the shoulder is so highly inflamed when it flares up that it is on the verge of tearing the rotator cuff so I try to do my therapy exercises regularly, but must admit that once the pain does go away, I slack off again and eventually if does come back. I have been grooming for 30 years and just can't imagine a life completely away from grooming so I will find a way to continue to work in this field for many years to come. Even if it means cutting down on the number of dogs I am doing/day.


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                        Yeah! Been there, had it and, done it!! I hope you are seeing a hand surgeon like me. I had Dequervaines (sp) on both wrists and had the surgery with great success. Have tennis elbo and went through therapy and it worked about 95 percent. On my worst work days it lets me know i still have a problem. I have a torn rotator cuf and tendonitis in the same shoulder. I am currently in therapy for that. It will end soon. Not much more they can do. The rest is up to me. So just let me tell you get yourself to a good hand surgeon and not just any doc.
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