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She was in tears

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  • She was in tears

    Client called me today to see if I could groom her dog, today. She hasn't been in since last year, I think around Sept. I was in a good mood and only had one dog so I said sure, bring him in at 11:00. She arrives at 10:45, no big deal I was done with the other dog.

    Last year I had taken photo's of her dogs for her Christmas gift but she never showed up after Sept. These photo's have been sitting around for a while waiting for her. One of her dogs had died and I just so happened to have a pic of it in these photo's I had for her. She was just thrilled, to tears. She thought I was one of the nicest people for doing that for her. It really meant a lot to her. She didn't have any up to date pics of her dog, and this one was at least a year old. Now she has one of him just after he was groomed and looking beautiful.

    I almost tossed them one day because it had been a long time since she had been here. Thought she had found another groomer. Sure glad I held on to them.
    "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."

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    Aw, that's so sweet...Makes me wanna cry. I try to take pics every once in awhile of regular client dogs too. They love it! You are a great groomer - she is so lucky to have you. Thanks for sharing.


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      Good for you! I would have cried too, actually, I was watching old family videos, and saw Penny Penelope. Cute shih tzu we used to have. She was playing with my brother in the video and I just started to cryyy.. Miss her!!!!


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        I enjoy providing clients

        with photos of their pets. I take pix for my files, it doesn't cost much for an extra 4x6 print.

        At Christmas I set up a wicker sleigh, with a tree & a pine cone baugh. Looked nice, so I did a lot. I enlarged them & have them hanging in my shop.

        Now I need to learn how to share them here.