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  • Mission Ridge in WA

    Hi all,

    I know I asked this before, but maybe there's someone new out there that can help. I'm planning on starting grooming school soon, July or Sept. and I'm thinking about going to Mission Ridge in Marysville, Washington. Has anyone gone to this school or heard of anyone going?? I'm really interested in finding out if it's good or not. They use the 'Golden Paws' method of teaching. It's only 8-9wks compared to 17wks at the other school in the area (Masers). Any info is good info!!!

    Thanks so much!!

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    Did you enroll?

    I'm concidering enrollment to Mission Ridge in Washington as well, and would love to hear feedback/suggestions from others who have learned at the other Golden Paws schools.


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      Well, first of all, it looks like it might have moved from Marysville to Mt. Vernon. I live down in Kirkland and put a bit of research into schools in the area. I don't know a whole lot about that one but Moonpiepoodlz might. I did, however, take a tour of Masers and I was most certainly not impressed. You can PM me if you want any details. I just finished the last test for my groomer training so I certainly wouldn't mind chatting with any other new groomers in the area!


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        maybe Azoci up that way can give you some feedback? I'm not familiar with Golden Paws, but I'm interested in what you will hear. Good luck both of you!


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          I don't know anyone who went to mission ridge, but I did go to maser's. I can't imigine having less hours involved in school than what they offered. I know when I finished up there were still a lot of things to learn (still learning) and I just can't imigine being out in the real world with even less knowledge. Where are you located? Maybe someone would be willing to do an internship?


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            The school that was in Marysville

            has moved to Mount Vernon, about 35 mile N., give or take. It's being run out of a local shop by a graduate of the school. She is now the instructor.

            Personally I am not familiar with the curriculium, but when I had my school in AZ, I did 600 hours of hands on instructing, then my graduates apprencticed for another 12 months at local shops I had made arrangments with. After this apprenticeship I felt my students had a well rounded view and hands on of real life grooming.

            Too many times we see students coming out of schools [of 8 to 12 weeks] that can't even do a techinical for a Petsomething... IMO it's the exceptional student that can come out of a 8-12 week school and really do well right from the get go.

            I've known the gals at Masers for over 20 years...their grads come out with a working knowledge of grooming, and in most cases are ready to certify with IPG. The IPG written tests are used for graduation, btw @ Masers. The instructors are also on the cutting edge, just last week, 2 of them were at the BBird Bichon Master class [hands on Bichon styling] hosted by the Washington Alliance of Groomers. The owner of Masers is an IPG certifyer.

            It really just depends on what you are wanting out of a school. Do your homework, get refferences for the instructors for any school you might be considering. You are putting out a lot of bucks for that vocation you are learning.


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              I am now the instructor for Mission Ridge. The School has Moved to Mt. Vernon. I know that the program works as I am a graduate of the school. Moonpie was my instructor and did a fabulous job. Please give me a call at the number posted on the website at and we can talk further. No matter where you go you will always beable to further your education by attending seminars etc. Paling up with groomers in WAG or in your area is also a great help as you learn tons of tricks, thanks Pam. I was certainly ready to open my shop upon graduation and am happy to say that I chose the golden paws instruction as I did not have the time or money to be able to not work for 4-6 months that some of the other schools require. I left with confidence and the ability to open my shop with out hesitation and now have a very successful shop in Mt Vernon. I will be able to give you references from other students and you can observe the students that are now enrolled in class. The program does work otherwise there would not be 6 Golden paws schools with more opening soon. All of the students from Mission Ridge that I have kept in touch with are doing fantastic and alot of them run very sucessful businesses.
              The students from Masers are lucky that the owner of the school has access to the IPGA tests. Yes, I also know alot of students from there that are great groomers. I also checked out Masers before choosing schools and as stated above due to time and money as well as many other factors my top choice was Mission Ridge by far.
              Hope to hear from you soon!! You may also pm me
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                Grooming school in WA

                I appreciate all of the responses. Thank you for the great advise/suggestions. I will continue researching all of the educational opportunities in northern WA. I'm looking forward to learning all I can about Grooming!!!! This is a great community of groomers.