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  • What do I do???

    I can't keep help and I can't do it on my own?/ HELP I have been through 3 groomers and 4 bathers in the last 6 months and NO I am not a b----th (really) I am busy and my groomers don't show or call in and I have 18 dogs to groom, now by myself, So the next day I book less ( since I can't count on my groomer) and then she shows up promicing to be more stabel. So I share my dogs , ( now down to 12) book heavy the next week and she doesn't show up. Ok ,m shes gone. My bather takes off , to help a sick aunt. 6 times in 3 weeks.(not always nesscery) she's gone. Now my new bather tells me she is movin;g in June but today didn't show up. I had 13 dogs 4 which were over weight and HEAVY. I am sooooo tired of this. I have a great business but am to old and tired to run it to the best of it's ability. I only am open 4 days a week and 2 Saterdays a month. I hurt. I need a big break but can't take one. I have a great shop in my great home with agreat location and clientell but would be willing to sell it all if someone where to come along. What do old groomer do???? I have to work. I was not to good investing. Just have my nice home and my business. PS, I'm single.

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    You need to find a BETTER person to be your bather.

    Interview him/her & get REFERENCES (Former employers, not friends!). And make sure these references are up-to-date. And make sure you actually check them. I think it is legal to ask these references "Would you re-hire this person if they applied?" But I could be wrong. I know my boss got a call from someone inquiring about a former groomer and all she said was, "I would not hire him again, no."

    When the person came in for the interview, how were they dressed? In sweats, torn jeans, half shirt with their belly showing? Did they look clean and bright, or stoned?

    I wouldn't necessarily feel you have to hire someone who already knows how. Take the time and train a person, and start them out at part time with a 30 day and 90 day evaluation period. We are doing this with my new bather. Even if that new bather can only do 5-6 of your dogs in a day, that is still a huge burden off of you. And don't be cheap, minimum wage ain't gonna cut it. Appreciate them----when they deserve it.

    Tammy in Utah
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      i agree. pay the bather well, tell the other bather you understand that family situations arise but due to the inconvience to yourself and her that you'll have to put her on will call (call her when you absolutely need her when the other bather cannot come in). id hire another more stable bather, pay them well, do background checks, check refrences, you can train another bather easily...and if you'd be willing you can train them how to groom and badabing! you have a ready made groomer! also have an evaluation period for the new bather. another thing...if you do hire another groomer ( id ont know if you can legally do this or not) make them sign a contract saying that they agree to work (so many days/week or do so many dogs/weekly(say up to i dunno...50 dogs weekly max (whatever your max amount is for another groomer) but at LEAST say (20) dogs a week...)). and have them sign this, and if they violate this agreement due to no shows, (not because you didnt have enough dogs booked), then you have the right to terminate them because they violated the contract. or if you train the bather maybe you can have them sign a contract saying that they need to stay with you for say 6 months? (dont know ifyou can legally do this now) and every 6 months keep renewing the contract? this way it prevent syou from training someone and then they just up and run off on you to work someplace else and you end up being screwed over in the end.
      Good luck! id get rid of that idiot groomer as quickly as possible! and hire another bather while your at it!


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        Well I feel for you I really do, been there done that. I agree with the other posts that you really have to do a thorough interview. Get rid of who you have now (Just don't tell them until you are sure you have someone else lined up) but be professional tell them once you are sure that things just are not working out and they need to go. Training from the beginning is also a smart thing to do because then they will do things the way you want. I would also lighten the load a little bit 18 dogs and no reliable help is a nervous breakdown waiting to happen. Another problem I see alot is the people that come in to interview always say something to the affect of "Well I love dogs and I have always wanted to work with dogs" Be honest with them. I have always (and maybe I am a little bold) during the interview told them straight up that grooming is not a walk in the park you may like dogs but I guarentee that within a couple of weeks you will not like all dogs you will without a doubt be pooped on peed on someone is going to try and bite you you will be scratched and somedays it is going to be like a wrestling match. Oh and plus you need to be thorough and able to haul ass at the same time. Do you feel your up to this??


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          you are grooming at home? geez, keep it small, hire a bather, forget the groomer. Open another day...its easier to have 5 lighter days than 4 heavy ones!! Thats what I would do if I was able to groom from home...thats an ideal situation if you ask me.. good luck!
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            Bow wow - where are you located? Did you ever read the book from problems to profits? It could help you in interviewing and making sure you hire the right employees. Sounds like your just picking the wrong kind of people if that many up and leave so quickly or your just too nice to them and they take advantage.

            Not that it's not OK to be nice but you need to keep a professional boss to employee relationship with a lot of people because if they feel more like your friend they seem to think it's okay to take advantage.

            If I had that person leaving so often to take care of a sick relative (which I must honestly say sounds like a crock to me no offense) She would have been gone after the second time.

            I know it's hard but you'll just have to me more direct when hiring the next person and say This is what I need and expect from you and if you aren't able to do it I'm gonna have to let you go.

            Keep everthing formal have them fill out applications, check references, have an agreement for a probationary period so they can be fired when no showing or taking too much time off without too much explanation.

            I'm sorry your feeling so stressed.


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              Back in town

              Thanks for all the input---I do interview, I have read problems to profits,and I do pay more than mim- wage ( not much more 7to8$$) And yes I work out of my home. My home was built (by me) to have a great house and a really nice small shop. Side entrence for shop (seperate) pass through landry room to house or use front door. People love it. I still can't keep a bather of find a good groomer. REALLY< I"m not a b____h


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                Have you tried placing a help wanted ad here?
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                  Or...figure out how many dogs you want to do each day to make $$, and only do those dogs. Only small dogs, only single coated, etc. Find your niche, whatever makes you comfortable and happy, and stick with it. As long as you're not in the boonies, you'll make a living.

                  Otherwise, maybe hire 2 part time bathers...people who don't need to work 4-5 days a week. Maybe a highschooler in the summer, or after school, and a mom during school hours, something like that. Then they can schedule family time or whatever during the other 4 or 5 days a week that they're not with you.

                  You can post your business for sale on here too...though I'd hate to see you leave a job you love. Where are you? Have you posted a help wanted ad here?
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                    Bowow, it isn't you! May I ask, what are the demagraphics of your hires? age, marital status ?


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                      Oh my gosh, you really are up a creek without a poodle!

                      I think Hairdevil and ejmj30 have great advice. Well, I think most of the advice was pretty good, but I really liked what both of them had to say.

                      Maybe steal a bather from a local Petsomethings? LOL.

                      Tammy in Utah
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                        I would definitely try to hire 2 part time bathers so if one flakes on you then you could call the other one. Also, I don't know what state you are in but you would definitely have more luck paying a bit more. I realize employees are expensive but if a couple dollars more per hour helps you keep an employee than it would be worth it. Also, I don't think your problem keeping employees means your a b**ch. Bathing is hard work and not for everyone.


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                          I didn't read completely through all the other posts (getting tired here), but my husband (who owns a completely different business) has always hired based on the person. Do we like them? Are they trustworthy? Do they want the job for some reason other than they want to buy a new iPod?

                          I mean, if you find THE person, you can train them to do things your way. It's more about integrity, honesty and work ethic than can they tell an American Cocker from and English Cocker. I don't think I'm making much sense, other than, ask really tough questions in your interview and don't hire the first person who says they can start today. Find Ms. Right. Not Ms. Right-now.


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                            been there

                            Well, I have been there.

                            Used to bath 18 dogs by noon or one and did it 6 days a week, and
                            any other assisting needed.

                            seven or eight an hour was just not enough pay. YOu are talking heavy
                            labor doing that many dogs a day. YOur help is burning out, and lets face it
                            you can work at a nice clean warm store like wallys for that.

                            I used to crawl in bed on Sat, and could hardly move till Mon mornig only to start all over again. Thats no way to live.

                            Thats exactly why I home groom now. Doing it myself I can just do
                            5 or 6 a day and make more than that, and not kill myself.

                            If I were you , I would sit down with pen and paper and see what you are making and spending on help vs what you can make alone. Hard to believe it is all that much different.


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                              I think I see the light

                              No. I am not die-n . I am trying a new tactic for me. Instead of charging to train, I will train and pay Mim wage and develope them into a career. 4 months as bather, 4 months as assestant, and 4 month learning to finish. I have one starting in 2 weeks and one lined up for 4 months from now. Pray that it works (really) cause I hurt!
                              Hey!---Thanks for the in put really!