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  • Andis Ultra Edge 2 Speed Clipper

    Has anyone had a problem with this clipper? I have been having a problem using it with snap on combs and a #40 blade. It has been getting clogged up with hair. Does anyone know what the problem might be? Any suggestions? Anyone having the same problem?

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    I find that I get clogged hair with any clipper if I use a 40f. Try using a 30 (less gap on sides of teeth).


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      I've never had a problem with my Edge Clippers. I just have to change the blade driver once in a while. Takes 5 minutes.


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        I have the ultraedge, The 40 is too small for the combs, it broke my 40. I use the 30s.


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          I have that clipper and don't have a problem. Try using a #30 or a #15. I usually do that to save my #40 blade. I only have 1 of them and 2 of the others.


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            What brand of combs are you using? Certain brands work better with a 30 blade, others with a 40. Check the fit of the comb to the blade by looking at where the teeth wedge in the comb and see if the comb is wiggling on the blade. The setback of the cutter on the blade can also affect the cutting performance if it is too far forward and catching on the guard.

            When you add a comb to the blade this puts more stress on the driving and locking mechanisms of the clipper. Somethings to check would be 1) the hinge for wear on the sides or tongue part the blade slides on is getting weak. 2) is the blade latch working properly? the hook could be broke, worn or bent in so the blade is not being held tightly to the clipper. If the clipper has been dropped or you have had blades that "wobbled" on the clipper the hinge springs could be broke and this would also allow the blade to pop off. 3) When did you last change the blade drive?

            If any part of the drive or locking system is not functioning properly the blade will pull off the clipper all the way or just a little so that the blade drive tip won't make full contact which makes the blade not cut fully.

            Static is another thing that will cause hair to clog up on a blade. I have seen some groomers use the dryer sheets to get any static off the plastic guard before using or if it starts to attract during the groom.

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              andis clipper

              Originally posted by Gracy Rose View Post
              I find that I get clogged hair with any clipper if I use a 40f. Try using a 30 (less gap on sides of teeth).
              Thanks for the advice. I used the 30 i didn't have a problem anymore with clipper clogging up.