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Wow, what a way to end a job....

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  • Wow, what a way to end a job....

    I ended up sending 2 clients to the vet today. One not my fault, the other was.

    I finally got my first semi serious nick on a dog. It wasn't that bad, but it was right on the elbow so every time the dog bent his leg it would start bleeding again. So I told the owner to take the dog to the vet and see if they want to suture it or super glue it and I would pay for the vet bill. She was really nice about it and wasn't upset at all. He is the cutest little Poodle too.

    I also sent a cat to the vet to get shaved down. The client said that she had an appointment someplace else but her husband kept hearing excellent things about my grooming so she canceled the other place and came to me. Made me feel good.. he he.. He's a Persian that's barely a year old and has already had rhinoplasty because his nose just has little slits so he can't hardly breath. He was matted and she kept saying she felt like a horrible pet owner, but she can't comb her cat. Every time she tries the cat just rolls like an Alligator in the death roll with prey. So I had a boarding girl come help me. I started shaving with a #10 and wasn't getting anywhere. I finally had to use a #40 and I was being so very very very careful. The cats skin was very thin and very stretchy. It was red and sore from the mats. I made 2 teeny tiny nicks in the skin, hardly noticeable. The cat also had a staph infection that I uncovered. So I stopped grooming the cat. I was very uneasy grooming it with it's skin so thin and it being as matted as it was. So I called my boss, told her what was going on. So we called the lady to have her take her kitty in to the vet to continue the shave down and to treat the skin at the same time. She was really nice about it. She asked me what type of brush to use on her kitty. I showed her a couple combs and told her not to even bother with a brush... This cats fur was like a rabbit. I was petting the cat and could not even feel the fur because it was so soft.

    Next week is my last week there. I have not cut or nicked a dog in over a year and when I'm about to leave a place it happens. Argh.... What a way to end it... LOL

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    It doesn't sound like there was anything too horrible I thought at first that maybe you chopped a dog's foot off or something!

    You handled everything very professionally, I'm impressed!

    So you're leaving that shop.. where are you going?


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      I am. I'm going to Colorado.. I love working there and hate to leave, but I don't have a place to live out here anymore. It sucks... But I hear Colorado is a beautiful place.


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        I recently had my first bad injury. I was doing a yorkie mix who had those hanging dew claws on the back. Well I nicked one and when the lady got it to the vet they had to take it off because I got the vein. I felt horrible! I even cried, (how emberasing) but I did.


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          I'm in Colorado

          Hi Becky,
          I always look at these message boards everyday religiously, but have never posted. So, this is my first post. I read that you are moving to Colorado, you will love it here, it is absolutely beautiful. I own an upscale Doggie Boutique and Grooming Spa in Colorado and I am in the middle of opening another Grooming Spa right next door to a Vet' s office. Are you looking to continue grooming? If so, where are you moving to in Colorado? If you are interested in a Grooming or Grooming Manager position, please let me know, I would love to talk to you. Also, even if you are not interested and need anything please let me know since I am in Colorado too.



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            I's ok

            I know you feel really bad I have been in your shoes. I have had a few weird things happen to the pets over the years some I did to the pets others just strange things happend. When I had my shop yrs ago I had a Doxin come in with the Poodle that I groomed all the time, the owner wanted me to B&B this Doxin. I put him in a small carrier that had the holes on the sides of the cage, he was having a fit and barking his head off and biting at the holes on the side. I went to get him out and noticed his nose looked very strange, when I looked closer he had bitten at the side of the cage so much that on the out side of this carrier on the edge of it where the top part is bolted on to the bottom it has a ledge, he had two of his teeth laying on the outside,
            His nose was swelling up and he looked awful. Now that was fun trying to explain this to the owner I just handed her the dog and his teeth, what more could I do. The dog was only in my shop maybe 1/2 hour. I wonder if she really thought I told her the truth or beat up her dog. I have many more stories but I'll save them for other times.



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              wait a minute...the dogs teeth fell out because he was chewing on the bottom of the crate (admist his hissy fit)? well...another thing that happend to me...i was washing and drying this lil old yorkie...well the owner said dont worry about brushing her teeth theyre really loose...well i didnt know they were THIS loose! i was drying her head and a tooth comes flying out! WHOA!!! scared the **** out of me for a minute cuz i didnt know what it was LOL! the lady came to pick up her dog and we just told her a tooth fell out while drying. she was like no big deal...i said doyou want her tooth she goes sure. LOL!!! imagine that!


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                Maybe we should learn to do Bridges or find somthing to glue them back in, or better yet false doggy teeth. It is nice to know other groomers misplace dog parts also, Ha Ha. At least you saw what happend to your dog It took me a few min to find out what was going on with my dog and his huge nose.



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                  Heck yeah, doggy dental.. LOL... It would be better than trying to inform the owners that their dog needs to see a vet.


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                    Originally posted by Raggs View Post
                    I am. I'm going to Colorado.. I love working there and hate to leave, but I don't have a place to live out here anymore. It sucks... But I hear Colorado is a beautiful place.

                    SURE IF YOU LIKE TO SMOKE CRACK AND METH!!!!!!!!!!!


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                      A bit off the point

                      but I just love the name Smoochthepooch. Cute. Guess Colorado is a big state, will be interesting to see if you guys end up near each other. So sorry for you about the injuries. i nicked a dog one of my last days at the pet shop. I was very nervous as I had a horrible manager taking over. I did something so dumb, scooping out an underarm with a seven blade. I felt sooooo bad, but the dogs owner was fine with it. The manager, Sigh, wasn't. The store manager was fine, knowing how good I'd been. Different though, as you are still enjoying your position, I wasn't.
                      Money will buy you a pretty good dog but it won't buy the wag of it's tail.


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                        do you still charge them if you nick the dog?

                        Here is my question, do you still charge the customer if you nick their dog? I used to work for a big company so the company would pay for the vet bill, not to charge the customer and we still get paid for the job. Now I'm working for myself, I don't know what should I do if I come cross this situcation. Accidents do happen, your fault or not, what should you do? pay for the vet bills and not charge the work? Or still charge because I did do my job and just pay for the vet bill??


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                          it depends ....

                          i feel if the dog needs to be seen by a vet - the groom should be FREE & vet bills paid. if however it's just a nick - & either there was no bleeding or very little & the groomer was able to stop it then maybe a 10-20% discount. it also depends on the customers reaction IMO. it's not my place to determine how big of a deal it is that we accidentally cut someone's beloved pet! if it's a farmdog who's in 3x's a year - then usually it's no big deal to these customers. if it's a once a week'er then generally it's going to be a big deal - and i'd rather give away one groom than lose a valuable customer.


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                            Found out today that the Poodle needed 2 stitches.. I feel so bad, it's the first time I've ever nicked a dog that bad. It was a #7 in the arm pit...

                            I offered the lady to pay the vet bill. My boss didn't like that idea so he worked something out with the lady. Her next groom is going to be free. The grooming price is more than the vet bill..

                            My boss says, that there is no need for me to pay the vet bill because that is one of the risks taken when grooming a dog. It happens. It's only the 2nd time it's happened since they've been in business. The owner was perfectly happy with getting a free groom the next time. I've been working there for over a year and this is only the 3rd time I've done these Poodles.. They just get a #7 and short faces and heads with no pom on the tail. They are always matted.

                            Still doesn't make me feel any less bad.