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  • Cheater cheater pumkin eater

    I can't be the only cheater here...Fess up!

    I admit, I have a few less than honest moments. When I don't like the way a topknot turned out (or if the dog jerked in the middle of my scissoring) I put a big bow smack dab in the middle of it, smushing the whole thing down. :P

    If I take walk ins I give them the "Gee, let me check my schedule *pause* OK I think I can squeeze you in if you get here in X minutes, but s/he may not be ready until later" line even if I only have 1 or 2 dogs on the books. lol

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    I have NEVER been dishonest about anything when it comes to grooming!!! NOT!!!!!

    If the beard is a little shorter than it should be it is because the dog moved his head and made me cut in the wrong spot.

    The dog kept moving his head that's why his eyebrows are really really short.

    I've had topknots that have needed a bow in the center of the head too, moved when she shouldn't have.

    Is it wrong to blame it on the dog when he/she doesn't look just right?????
    "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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      cheater cheater pumpkin eater

      Yoooooou betcha!!!!!!!!!! (on both subjects).



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        omg! i cannot believe you would put a bow on the top of a dogs head to hide your mistake! shame on you. i would never do such a thing!....................

        lol....jk.....yeah right.....or how about if you are way to busy and a dog has some knots but you know the dog is a pain so he gets alittle bit of a shorter cut, and you explain to the owner that he was just too knotted! now me personally...i've never done that! jk


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          Yeah, I hide my mistakes too lol. I hate it when you are makeing the last snip to perfect the face and the dang dog moves and screwes it all up.
          If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!


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            And, I have NEVER blamed my mistake on the dogs behavior :-) I am always forthright (okay... is it lightening anywhere :-)


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              Honesty is the best policy

              I always tell my clients. I have nothing to hide. If its a cut (minor) I fix it and show the client and tell them if its a problem please let me know. I always call the next day or so and follow up to see if the pet is OK. If its a bad haircut in anyway I tell them why. Honesty is the best policy!


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                and the owner of the shop i work at has this uppity customer who drives 1.5hrs. to the shop (that's with no traffic) to have her groom the dog. she has always done the dog and of course she's the best groomer on the's a shihtzu. he gets a plastic on his back and legs & skirt scissored. so she goes to take the plastic over the back, but guess what? she forgot to snap it on!#30 stripe on the back!! oops......she told them the dog jumped & twisted and the comb popped off........yeah.....yeah...that's how it happened....i saw the whole thing! lol


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                  I'm assuming "a plastic" is a snap-on comb? Now I have a new name to add to my list:

                  Snap-on comb

                  Attachment comb

                  Duck comb

                  Cheater comb



                  No comment on the other stuff, LOL.

                  Tammy in Utah
                  Groomers Helper Affiliate


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                    Okay I fess up Im a cheater and yes blame it on the dog it's not like they can say your a liar


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                      no I've never put a bow in the middle of a top knot! If I mess up, I just lower it as best I can and try to blend... just be honest! besides, what do you think they will see when that bow comes off? LOL


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                        Thank goodness dogs can't talk

                        Most of the time I try and fess up. If it's a small nick or something I will most definitely show it to them and make them aware. When I scissor something a little to short - like the bangs or beard - I will often tell them the dog sneezed or heard a loud noise and jerked. And most of the time it's true . As far as mats go - my thinning scissors are my BEST friend. It's so much easier to thin them out - and much easier to hide. I will tell the owner I did it, but then it's much less noticeable and the owners don't care!


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                          Any oopsie's usually just get cut a little shorter if possible to blend and some of the time people actually go Oh that looks great.

                          I never did the stripe down the back yet (KNOCK ON WOOD) but I did have a cocker thrash when doing a snap on on a front leg and startle me I jumped and made the comb pop off I didn't realize it had popped off and made a big #40 stripe on the shoulder luckily it was where you could take the pattern a little lower and blend really good.

                          Same thing on a bichon. I forgot to double check my blade length on my clipper thought I had the longer lenght and oops a #10 square on the shoulder blade. That didn't blend so well Had to just fess up it was wayyyyy shorter than the #4 I was using on the body.


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                            We don't really do bows where I work. My boss says "bows are to hide bad grooming". I guess this thread it what she was referring to. I don't mean to say anyone is a bad groomer here, just saying that a bow could take attention away from a boo boo. But we don't hide the boo boo with a bow. Just make a shorter topknot. I remember when I was first learning how to do a cocker my boss had me taking the body off and she came back to check on me and said "you took the chest off....oh well, I'll just tell her it was matted". So I guess we all have our little fibs. I took the eyelashes off a cocker that I was specifically asked to save and told the owner "she blinked". Yeah, sure I guess I lie sometimes too.


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                              I'm glad I'm not alone! I should clarify that this is only for hair related 'oopsies' I'd never lie about a nick on a dog.

                              Hairdevil, by the time the bow comes off the topknot would be smushed down and messed up enough to hide the oopsies from petting, playing, etc. I don't mean if a huge chunk is missing, but something like a scissor mark, or if I have trouble matching sides or when it just doesn't look right but I can't figure out what I did wrong. Things like that. lol

                              Here's another confession: My coworker taught me to do this, when a dog is matted my favorite dematting tool is a 10 blade. For something like a mat in the ear, lift the hair around it out of the way, shave the mat out and the long hair covers the missing chunk.