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  • Wheaton critique

    I have only groomed a handfull of SCW's over the years..all have been shavedowns and no fall.
    I now have a once a month Wheaton, and I'm not sure if I am doing the head properly. Owner likes the body and legs shortened. I do a 1 comb on body, E comb on legs.
    Just not sure about the head.
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    I think that he looks pretty good. Thats a breed you don't see alot. Try this for a decent description and pictures of a good SCWT pet head follow this link:


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      I can't tell from the pictures.. are his entire ears shaved, or only half? (The top half should not be shaved.. it should blend in with the rest of his headpiece.)

      Other than that, it looks good to me


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        I have never done one so your are way ahead of me. To me he looks just fine. I went to the link that Dexy gave and looking at that and the one you did I'd say "you got it girl!!!" Nice job.
        "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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          Tighten up the head a little, smooth down the poof before the fall. If you comb up the fall and trim across the topit will look neater, I can't stand the fall looking wet b/c it's too long and get stuck in the mouth. The feet could be tighter and blend the leg a little higher. The dog looks cute, not trying to be a critic, but, I groom at least 5 SCWT a week!!!!!!!!!!


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            i personally like the smaller wheatons that look like that than the larger guys (about the size of an average lab (say about 60 to 70 lbs), with those big ole round heads...UGLY!!! that smy personal opionin about it.


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              From what I can see, he looks good. I can't see the whole head. I used to groom show Wheatons.

              Someone mentioned it, and the head does blend into the ears. Not half way down the ears but about 1/4 way up the base of the ear.

              Good job...


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                I, too, believe the ears should not be totally shaved down, but I'm not sure how far. I think Becky (Raggs) is correct at 1/4 of the way down.

                I also agree that the feet look like they may need to be tightened. I really like the look on the body, just beautiful! I think you did a mah-velous job dah-ling, just mah-velous!

                Tammy in Utah
                Groomers Helper Affiliate


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                  Thanks for all the advice.
                  I know the feet need tightened..he doesn't care for his feet to be touched. He kicks and dances, so I do what I can.
                  I thought the ears didn't look quite right. I did shave them right to the base. Won't do that next time.

                  Thanks again


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                    I just took a Wheaton workshop at intergroom it was really cool.
                    Like others said the ears are shaved from the fold down.
                    The head is short from the brow bone line to where the front of the ears begin. They left the hair right on the pointy part of its head (occiput area) a little fuller and rounded (slightly domed look) it and blended it into the ears and then down into the neck area.

                    They did the body with a snap on and blended into the top of the legs and then hand scissored the legs. The goal was to make the hair look as if it was flowing naturally she said.

                    They used a five blade on the rear end from the anus about two inches down the back of the thigh to create a muscular rear.

                    I ran out of film I couldn't take a picture but she was a smaller wheaton and it looked really great.


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                      Looks good

                      One thing I might do is neaten the fall end by the nose and sides a tad. Most Wheatons don't stand like statues either, so you did great with Fred Astair.( You know, he was a famous dancer, don't you? Movie on right now with Ginger and Fred.