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    Does anyone have any suggestions on a shampoo for cockers. Personally this is one of my least favorite breeds. They always have this funky smell, are greasy, and more lumps and bumps than i can count. i can never get them to smell good and if i'm not very careful with the lumps and bumps they look like they got in a fight with a weed wacker. Also any suggestions on how to do their feet and make them look good would help I just can never get them to look right. I have tried washing them first with palmolive ( the woman I trained under taught me that) and then shampoo but I still dont think they smell fresh.

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    Les Poochs F&T shampoo. Degunks the dog and great on your hands too!!


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      the best smelling shampoo I have found for these is fresh and clean baking soda and oatmeal...It has a very strong soapy smell which makes them at least smell better...I also use a fingernail brush on their backs when the skin is coming off (ughhh you know what I mean!) to help get rid of the dead skin. The other option is a good orange shampoo. I also use orange or dish soap around the ears if they are oozing with the fingernail brush and a flea comb to get the ooze out. These are also my least favorites to do! I have a special 10 and a special 7 I use only for them that has red nail polish all over it so I don't use it for someone else, and disinfect EVERYTHING when they leave.

      I just make myself think the whole time I am doing them about how uncomfortable it must be for them, and how much better they will feel for a little while after the groom. Poor babies....

      My question is how bad do these people's house smell?!?! You know you can smell that dog walking in the room!


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          If they're grimmy, stinky, nasty then they aren't getting bathed enough.

          Normally most of mine just get washed 2x w/ Griminator. If it's really bad, I used Dawn and let it sit for a few minutes(Sometimes you have to soak your dishes to get the baked on gunk, and grease.) this gives the soap time to loosen the grim. then follow w/ a Oatmeal and Conditioner.
          Never gonna know if you never even try


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            You know I don't think there is any way on getting a cocker not to smell. Most of the time what you're smelling is "infection" and 'rotting skin". I find that that's when dish soap works the best. I've bathed some cockers 6-7 times with straight dish soap to get them clean...but it works!!


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              Davis Degrease works wonders!


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                Man I hope my cocker never gets this way! He is 7 years old and so far only has two bumps. One fatty tumor and one little bump (vet says its fine). I hate getting those warty ones in because one little bump and they bleed. Half the time they are bleeding in the tub.

                Other than that I have no suggestions, lol.


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                  I don't tink you mentioned what shampoo you are CURRENTLY using.

                  I use Nature's Specialties dirty dog shampoo or their Citrus Degreaser shampoo, then follow with a conditioning shampoo, Plum Silky.

                  For stinky pets, I've been using Nature's Specialties Smelly Pet, works wonders. Started out with me going, "Whoa, that smells like cherry cough syrup," and then I realized---it got the smell out of the dog and didn't leave a cherry cough syrup scent, so it won me over!

                  Tammy in Utah
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