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another question Hocks well let down.

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  • another question Hocks well let down.

    I asked what this ment in school, and they did not know!
    THey said it was NEW termanology and just blew it off.
    Now they either knew and din't want to really tell us, or, they
    are so locked into the way they do things, that they won't change and
    don't want to know themselves. I never knew which.

    I THOUGHT it ment that the hind leg was trimmed so as to make the hock
    appear lower than it was, but heck, I still don't really know.
    Time to ask.

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    Hocks are wll let down when the bone right below them - the pasterns - are short.
    According to the AKC


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      I think you are basically right. AKC's description includes 'hock joint close to the ground' in some breeds like a scottie so in a grooming standpoint I would imagine it means to adjust hair length on a dog with faults to better conform to the standard.


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        refers to short metatarsels

        Having short hocks, example welsh corgi, dachshund.


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          Don't forget also that it is the "look you can create" by trimming the hair to create the appearance of a straight line (for dogs that don't have the best bone structure) from the hock joint to the table when scissoring that area. I learned that it meant a straight line from the hock bone to the table or at least the appearance of such.


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            I'm so glad you asked this because I've been dying to ask this question for over a year and just keep forgetting each time I'm on here, or I just say, "Oh, it doesn't matter," lol.

            Glad to finally have an answer to that!

            Tammy in Utah
            Groomers Helper Affiliate


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              "Hocks Well Let Down" generally refers to a short hock, basically the hock portion of the leg is short in comparison to the length of leg. It refers to the actual structure of the dog and does not refer to grooming. However, with creative grooming, you can sometimes make a hock look shorter.

              The actual translation of that statement will differ for each breed. Interestingly, neither the Dachshund or the Pembroke Welsh Corgi use the statement in their standard, but the Cardigan Welsh Corgi does.

              Certainly, hocks well let down does not apply to only short dogs. The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog has "hocks well let down", and the Swissy is certainly not a small or short dog. A chow also calls for a hock well let down, and even though the structure of the rear leg on a chow is vastly different than all other breeds, it still calls for a short hock in comparison to the length of leg. The vast majority of breeds call for a hock well let down, and breeds that are built vastly different in structure all use the term.

              Unfortunately, there just is not any one definition of the term.