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I get the cake and eat it too!

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  • I get the cake and eat it too!

    I got a new job at a vets office. I am so excited the vet seems so great and everyone is so nice. And the best part is I can keep my housecall grooming business going and they know about it. I love doing the housecall grooming but it was a slow process getting new clients. So I figured if I could find a job working a few days a week I could still pay my bills while waiting for my business to grow. And then low and behold I get 2 calls one from a kennel whom my husband was kennel manger for, for a little while, and they only wanted to pay me hourly. They made an ok offer but I knew that it was a high stress environment, and working around not so nice groomers, so I have heard. But the vet, was who I was really hoping to get hired at, because it is so close to my mother in laws house and convenient. And yeah I got the call they hired me. It is a brand new vet only opened 6 months ago. Very warm and inviting inside they have a fire place in the lobby. 2 stainless steel tubs, and stainless steel cage banks, separate groom room and bathing room. Love love love! It is located in a Walmart parking lot but it is free standing. (great location)I am the only groomer. I like that. I will use Tammy's idea and get a bather when I get really busy. Clientèle is great so far. And on slow days they will let me take off and do my housecall grooming. The vet job is Mon -Fri so I book everyone for Sat. And the one slow day a week I will book them for housecall as well. So far it is working out great. I am soo happy. It was like everything happened for a reason. Just had to share my new found Joy!

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    Congratulations and I'm so.... jealous this is my idea of a dream job situation but I am having a hard time getting anyone to go for the part time thing so I can keep going to school for business classes and learn different techniques and try to build my own cleintele for the business I hope to open some day.

    My dream situation would be part time in two or more places to mix it up every day.


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      Well good for you!!

      I wish you the best!!


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        Great News -- I'm so happy for you!!


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          Everytime I read stories like yours and AuntieM's, it is like re-living the day I hit the jackpot and got this job where I am at now.

          You are so fortunate to be able to start at the beginning and build it from there. All of your knowledge can be put to the test and your clients will see that you're above the rest. The best part about an animal hospital is that there are clients already there---for you to schmooze!

          Are you going to set your own prices? I could kick myself because I don't have my pricelist saved in this computer, it's packed away in storage, but I have my prices and the number of slots per breed, etc...I would have sent it to ya if I could have! (If you wanted it), but can't.

          This is just great! So happy for you!

          Tammy in Utah
          Groomers Helper Affiliate