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    I was walking into UPS today and a guy was walking out with a PetEdge package. So of course, being me I asked him if he was a groomer. He's not, but his wife is and they own Utah Dog Grooming Academy. They opened last year are the only academy that is state and federal licensed. They are in the process of of becoming a "master" grooming school. So they can help groomers become master groomers so that they don't all have to mail order or go out of state to do it. I didn't catch the guys name but I gave him this website. Hopefully he, his wife, their teachers and students all log on.

    They also own 2 grooming salons and keep the top groomers for their own salons.. LOL...

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    I've actually heard of them through someone on these boards. I'd forgotten about them though. I wish I could do ISCC testing through them, lol.

    Tammy in Utah
    Groomers Helper Affiliate