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Which brand horse clippers?

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  • Which brand horse clippers?

    I am going to get some heavy duty clippers for the double coat shave downs. Any recommendations as to the brand? If you have some, where did you get them and how much did they cost?

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    Horse clippers are really just the same animal clippers others use, just sounds more specific. They change the package so it appears to be a clipper for just a specific task when it is not.

    Now for the two die hard clippers that have been around forever that do great on shavedowns. Double K and the Oster/Stewart Clip masters (single or Variable speed. Andis also makes a clipper like the Clipmasters.

    Double K use your regular A-5 style blades like you have and does great with wide blades. The cable that drives the handpiece is what most complain about because it feels cumbersome when first learning to use it. Cables come in various lengths for in shop use a 5ft should be fine.

    Clipmasters use a heavier thicker blade and will go through just about anything. They are heavier than regular clippers, but make short work out of a shavedown. You have to be careful around the armpits and would not use them on the belly.

    These clippers have the least repair problems of all I have seen and are still around after 30 plus years so they are not a flash in the pan.

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      double k

      double k cable drives make short work of shave down and are pretty smooth.
      The clipper itself does not heat up, as the motor is over on the wall.
      The cable is a little stiff at the back of the clipper and takes a little getting used to, but very little.

      In fact, if you backclip you will have no marks at all if you are careful,
      and don't retrace yourself.

      I think the big sunbeams are just to bulky, and will not leave as pretty a coat as the double ks.

      WIth some of the miniature horses we do, which grow hair like a chow or a yak, I rough clip with the hair,(7) and then bath, let dry and then finish clip with
      smaller blade (ten) backwards. Slick as velvet I am telling you.
      Thats to short for most dogs, but you get the point.