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  • Quick Question For Tomorrows Groom

    I'm shaving a bichon tomorrow (10 blade) as the dog is a mess. The owner has cancer and has not been taking the best care of the dog but wants to get back on track.

    The last time the dog was shaved it had a bad reaction.
    Red skin and itchy, itchy.
    She even had to take the dog to the vet.

    Is there anything I can do to prevent this from happening?

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    Try a wet shave. I just did my first this past week. I did a good bath(I would use a Hypo just to be safe) then hit with a HV to push the matts away from the skin. I was more comfterable doing a damp dog vrs a wet one. I was able to do a #4 skip easily. Dryed and finished in a #3 3/4. While yours may be more matted and you might be able to do a #7 insted and reduce the irritation. Otherwise change blades often and if you use a blade spray make sure its all wiped off before it touched the dog again.
    There are mutiple factors that could have caused the irratation last time so just cover the bases. longer blade via wet shave and/or keeping the blades really cool, and hypo shampoo.


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      I have never wet-shaved a bichon, but I do lots of cockers, will this work, anybody?? Can you wash and condition and get through it wet with a 7 blade?


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        Is a 10 blade really necessary or can you squeeze a 7f under the coat. If you can it will help a little. Also after roughing the dog, bath in an oatmeal/baking soda or even medicated shampoo if you have it and then use a good conditioner or remoisturizer and let it set awhile according to the directions. Good luck


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          if your having to shave this dog or any dog thatsvery matted. ( that you need to use a 10 blade ) remember that the matts pull on the skin and when all those matts are finally removed the dogs skin reacts to bruising.and who know what lies beneath those matts. Maybe bath him in a soothing oatmeal shampoo or teatree oil. and go slow try not to pull on the matts to much and dont scrap against the skin. and keep a feel on your blades not to get to warm. hope this works.


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            I did a wet shave on a white standard that hadn't been groomed in 8 months and lived outside, with a 7. Granted, it took me a while, but the results were great (considering).

            I'm sold on this method with the really matted dogs.


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              I would try shaving the mats off with either a 5 skiptooth or a 7 skiptooth before the bath. Bath in hypo shampoo and conditioner. Then for the finish trim, I'd use a 4 F or a 5F blade. [I've found I can go from a 5 Skip to a 4F or a 7 Skip to a 5F.]

              In the 4 years I've been grooming, I have never had to shave a matted dog down with a 10 Blade.


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                A #7F will surely solve the problem. Take it slooooow, and charge the appropriate amount. A #10 will SCALP a white dog with pink skin, and I would assume that would explain the problems from the last groom.

                My co-worker's bichon was recently shaved with a #10 (or was it a #10 reverse), it looked disgusting, like a pink little pig with a topknot that was not blended into the neck. Ick. #7 is very short but looks much better in my opinion.

                Tammy in Utah
                Groomers Helper Affiliate