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    I generally work by appoinments only, but ocassionally will have customers come by and want to have their pets groomed without an appoinment. Do any of you take walk ins, and if so, do you charge extra for them?

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    I don't take walk-ins, but if they call and I have room or feel like it I will take them the same day.

    I worked at a shop that took walk-ins and hated it. Never knew if I was done when I thought I was done. Boss didn't charge extra either.
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      I agree w/ Pixie. I am usually too booked to take walk ins but if I have a slower day and someone calls I will usually take them


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        If I have time yes I will take them but generally I have been really busy everyday, so they have booked. I do take walk ins for nails, but I ask them to call me first. Sometimes I have a 'special' dog that I do not like to crate and I want to finish with no interuptions if possible, those dogs I make people come inot the back room to speak with me and i do not even answer the phone.


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          Thankfully most of my clients call the day before or early in the moring. We do at least 3 walkins a day, more on Sat/Sun. We don't charge extra but their dogs are the last ones done.
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            If a groomer wants to take a walk-in she can. But, generally they are too busy and have scheduled their time where they can't.


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              I usually don't get a whole lot of walk ins from groomings, but if I have time, I would do them.
              I do alot of nail trims, but most of them call me first to see when a good time for them to come in would be.


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                We don't get too many that actually walk in. We do get some that will call in that morning, and if we get a cancelation we will take them, but no we don't charge extra for them.
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                  We do nails on a walk-in basis but when they call to ask about nails we tell them to call ahead if they can to make sure we're in and not too busy. Lots of people try to 'walk-in' but unless the day has absolutely fallen apart with no shows we don't have time to do them. When we first opened we had a sign we placed out front that said 'Walk in's Welcome today'. Of course that's before we built a good client list and had a couple of slow weeks. We've since thrown away the sign and hope to never make another.


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                    Walk-ins are a pain in the kahooshka if you ask me, but at the same time they're quite nice when you've had a no-show or untimely cancellation.

                    You can decide if you want to be like a clinic, that has appointments and then sets aside so many "walk-in" slots for those who prefer not to make an appointment.

                    I used to work at a place that always took walk-ins. It really stunk when you were about to walk out the door and they asked, "Do you want to groom another dog?" I always felt guilty saying no. But now they're pretty busy and don't have as much room for walk-ins anymore.

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                      I guess it depends on the day. We've only been open about 2 months, but have pretty much been booked up to capacity for grooming every day. Occassionally I'll take an extra that is a walkin in if I have time and know I can fit it in without stressing about it. I don't charge extra for it.


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                        I feel the client (who made the appointment) is paying me to pamper their dog alone. Most walkins (I have found) will not become regulars. Like me with my own haircuts.

                        One of the reasons I like my home shop better than the commercial location.

                        I know of a shop who did walk in only. Everyone showed up before 10am & if you got in, you got in. Like the traveling vets who do vaccinations.
                        No kidding!!! It worked for them!! They were in business many years prior to retirement.

                        But to each his own.
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