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  • quickbook question?

    does anyone use quickbooks to do their buisness with? have you used it for your personal bill management as well? Im so trying to get better organized so I can have more "fun" time and less "chore" time. I've hired a housekeeper, that will help, now I need to figure out how to pay the bills in less time..I have quickbooks on my laptop but have never used it, any ideas?? can you pay the bills with it, like auto debit? or do you have to just print a check and mail it? that would bite! I pay everything online, but use each companies website to do it, it's soooo time consuming!!! help!!!!!!!!!

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    I couldn't run my business without my quickbooks!lol Yes, you can set up a second 'company' on it to keep track of your personal finances. Yes, you have to still pay your bills by printing out a check or online the way you have been, OR go to and see what bills you can pay from their site. It's great, I pay my electric and phone through their site. They send me a bill via email when it's due, I go to their link and two clicks later I've got them paid. There's no charge for their service, and it has really helped make things easier for me. :-)


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      Quickbooks Pro is better for business management. It lets you do P & L statments and all the other financial stuff for your accountant. It will also do amortazations on loans, and I believe the newer versions does allow paying bills via your bank online. The nice thing about it is, it allows you to input all your vendors and keep tract of your accounts payable and accounts recievable, sales tax, payroll taxes, etc.


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        Have you checked with your bank or is there any bank around you that offers free bill pay? I have Commerce Bank in NJ and I can pay all my bills set up directly in my bank account. You only have to go to one site and put in the dates you want the bills paid. They also have a way to download into Quickbooks but I dont know how to do that. If your banks dont do that yet, it probably will soon. It saves so much time!


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          I use Quickbooks Basic (2004 Version) for both the business and personally. Basically, I use the checkbook register for each "business". The reason I decided to put my personal account on it is that it takes me about one minute to reconcile my bank account every month (before I would do it quarterly if that) and I get a better idea of where I am spenindg my money. If you've bought checks for your account that can be printed in Quickbooks, it's real easy to print out checks. [I haven't done that for my personal checking account yet.]

          I don't use the invoicing feature in Quickbooks, I just use my deposits as income.

          It makes my life real easy at tax time ... maybe 15 minutes to pull together some papers and then I back up a copy of my business account onto a CD and my CPA takes it from there. (I allocate each check to a specific expense and that is how she prepares my taxes from the CD.)


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            I used to sit down once and week and print out checks on Quickbooks, It felt like it took forever. Now I pay everything on-line with Wells Fargo, Free Online banking, then I spend half the time and update quickbooks with my ticket information and payments.