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not sure if I should do this or not

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  • not sure if I should do this or not

    I have an appointment to shave an 80lb black lab tomorrrow. I'm moble so I will be by myself. thing is the lady said he is due to have surgery soon because his leg is messed up. A cruciate ligament (sp). I asked if he's painful and she said he's on pain meds. I have a policy I have clients sign and it has the owner write down any pre-existing injuries the dog has. do you think this is a good idea to groom this dog or should I stay away, far far away? thanks!

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    Hmmmm......... to me, this is a tough one. If you had done the dog before, you would know if he were easy or difficult to work on. Easy, yes, difficult, no. The thing is that it would be fine if he behaves himself, doesn't struggle, etc. If he does, though, he could make his injury worse.

    If it were me, I would have her sign your form. Then make it clear to her in no uncertain terms that you are agreeing to try it, but if he starts to get wild or struggle, you're stopping, even if that means the job is only half done, and you're doing this for his safety. If she's okay with that, then I'd go to the appointment.


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      I groomed a bulldog for 3 months while the owners were making up their minds about the surgery. I would do it but... I have a table thats goes to the floor so I can be sure the dog will not jump.


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        Place a call to the vet. Tell the owner it is for liability reasons only and that with a vets ok, you'll do it.

        Tammy in Utah
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          i agree with spikey, get vet approval yourself. don't take the owners word for it. i have done a dog with a torn ligament with vet approval only because the vet knew me and knew how careful i would be. note: i have been doing this dog for many years.
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            i'm shop, not mobile, so it would be a little different for me. But I would probably do what Tammy suggested and get vet approval. If the vet approved, then what I would do is probably just do a "not perfect" groom. This I will usually do on older clients. That way the dog would get done, but just do it for his comfort, and advise the client that the dog may not be perfect, because you want to be as gentle as possible!

            Good luck!
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