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Changing filter on Clipper Vac

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  • Changing filter on Clipper Vac


    I really need to change the filter, it is way over due. I've tried several different times and obviously I am not doing something right.
    I read the instructions, and all it says is to pull down on the filter. I have a tote model, so it's kinda hard to stick my head in there to see what's what. I'm afraid to pull down to hard on the filter and break something.

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    I have a tote too. I always take the filter out and vacuum it all the time. I remove the wingnut and pull straight down (it is tight) and tilt it to the side to get it out of the box. When I don't want to remove it totally I just unscrew the wingnut alittle and the filter turns and vacuum.


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      I've taken the wingnut off and pulled down. Maybe I'm just not pulling hard enough because I am afraid of breaking something. There is a black rubber boot type thing above the filter that moves back and forth when I pull on the filter. I've tried turning the filter and it doesnt budge.
      I'll have a go at it again. I've just been vaccuming off what I can in the meantime.


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        Not to worry,you need to work it back n forth a wee bit as you are pulling downwards.The rubber cuff will be fine.Since the filter has never been removed,it's on tight.You will see hair trapped as well once you get it off,clean it and then put the new filter on,and don't worry about the rubber boot.Work it back up the same way it was removed then tighten the wing nut and ur done! lol Your cv will be just like new if it's been a long time since a new filter was put on and run much cooler.