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how do you get regular customers??

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  • how do you get regular customers??

    i have been grooming for other people for around five years now I mean owners of shops I have neverbeen able to claim my own clientele from anywhere. Not that I am a bad groomer I just think that the other owners are selfish and greedy whatever.. I am now doing my "own" thing in a kennel and it is basically my gig. Business is slow and I am trying to establish clientele. How do I do that and how long does it take?? any and all suggestions will help. and also where I now work is the only grooming shop in that town

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    Getting regular clients eventually comes on its own over time for a new business. But it does take some work from you. The clients needs to feel like they are appreciated. They deserve to get what they are paying for. They should also get very good customer service. This does not mean letting them take advantage of you, there still should be shop policies that you deserve the client to respect. People are loyal to establishments that make them feel that their business is appreciated. Dote on their pets, remember the client and pets names and greet them with a smile. Give them an estimated finish time and do your best to complete the groom by that time. LISTEN to the client, do your best to groom their pet to THEIR liking. (even if it is not at all close to the breed standard, it is THEIR pet and THEY are the ones paying YOU to make it look beautiful in their eyes) Gently offer to book their next appointment when they pick up, remind them that this is the best way to be sure they can get their pet in at the interval they find ideal. Make some brochures with information about the salon as well as about the groomer. It helps new people feel more secure as they feel they know a bit more about who they are leaving their fur child with.


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      It actually won't take long if you handle it right.

      First let's address your current clients- do they rebook before they leave? No? try offering FREE teethbrushing if they reschedule before leaving. Once they leave if they are not in your book they can be in anyone's (yes, people can cancel) but they feel LOYAL if they are in your book.

      Next, getting new clients: ASK each client who comes in, to refer a friend. PEOPLE LOVE to help others, they want to feel pride in the fact that they "MADE" your business a success. Tell them that you are trying to grow and need their help.

      Last, go meet people- don't be shy. Take your dog out to town:-) You can go to Lowes, Shopping Depot, Linen's N Things, Michaels (most of these stores allow dogs). People LOVE to come up and pet and tell you about their dog(s), this is your moment to share with them that you are a Groomer who has recently started your own business. Hand them a card and offer $3 or $5 off (DON"T have this printed) use your regular business cards and hand write it. This is so much more personal and they feel that they are special.


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        I agree with the above.

        Also, here are my thoughts: Your passion and love for grooming will SHOW when you speak with and interact with the clients. Help them walk their dogs out to the car, I do this often. Or just say, "Here, I'll help you out to your car, looks like you've got your hands full." Don't push it though, just be helpful.

        Listen to what they want, and if you're not sure, ASK. You can also be humorous. If you find that the client is having a hard time explaining what he/she wants, tell them what YOU think they are trying to tell you and in the end say, "Well, we'll consider this our trial groom. I'll write down what I did and NEXT TIME you come in, you can tell me if you want it the same, or if you want it shorter or longer. Ya know, it's like any bad haircut, it'll grow back...ahhahahaha..." They like the humor. I get a lot of laughs out of that one, even though I'm kind of serious! LOL

        If they see your joy and passion in what you do, that enthusiasm will spread to THEM. Try to get them to book their next appointment. The only way to build your business is one client at a time. I had to do that where I am at and now, a year later, I am booked out 2+ weeks and the owner of the animal hospital has agreed that we need to hire a bather (weeeee!!! Less work more pay, WEEEEE!!!).

        Read! Read! Read! about grooming, learn more each day if you can and apply it to your work. When a client asks about shedding, and if they get groomed will they stop shedding you can tell them whatever you know. I often say, "Well, like our own hair, there is a lifecycle to each hair, and when it dies, it falls out---onto your carpet. Grooming will HELP shedding, but nothing will ever stop it from occurring, any more than your own hair," (or something to that effect). If you sound educated about your field, that will impress them.

        So good luck!

        Tammy in Utah
        Groomers Helper Affiliate


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          I never entrust my clients to others for check in/out. I ALWAYS go out and make sure the service I provided was satisfactory and the cut is right. Also, I get them on the books for the next time. 90% of MY clients pre-book, usually 4 - 6 weeks out. I have a couple that are 2 week grooms and a couple that are 8 weeks, but none more than that. I just feel that if someone else was checking them in or out, the client would feel as if my service was not as personal. Besides, I enjoy speaking with and getting to know them.

          While I've only been grooming for about a year, I've built up a decent little client base so far. I also ask for referrals, as most are happy to help.


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            Confidence & service! service! I believe you must have confidence in your work and present the best customer service you've ever seen to help set you apart from others. BUT, the biggest help to me were people hair stylist. I have 4 clients that are hair stylist which have been the best help.

            Good Luck!


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              Advertise, advertise and advertise. You could even offer coupon discounts in your ads and then after the groom always try to get them to rebook (of couse, unless you really don't want to do that particular dog again).