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  • Advice needed-injured thumb

    I posted about this when it had just happened, I grabbed a racing 90 lb gsd's leash with my left hand and braced myself on a run with my right hand, somehow it pulled my the wrong way and messed it up. It isn't broken, which I know, but NOT because I took xrays of it at work. But if I HAD done that, I would have seen it wasn't broken! I got a brace at walmart but it seemed like it actually made it worse so I stopped using it. (Plus it was annoying trying to work with the darn thing.)

    Is there anything a doctor could do other than take my money and tell me to take tylenol? It isn't a constant pain, but certain things will make it hurt, for example, ear plucking aggrivates it as well as trying to hold a dog's leg straight by holding the elbow. I'm also worried because sometimes my wrist feels a little sore as well. I'm not sure if its because I use my hand differently to accomodate the injury or if maybe whatever muscle(s) were injured extend as far as the wrist.

    Any advice is appreciated, I know a lot of you will say to go to the doctor, but I haaate going to the Dr. I have more pressing (female) issues than a hurt and I haven't gone for those either. lol

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    How do you know its not broken again?
    I didn't quite understand that.

    My mom fell and caught herself with her hand, and her arm hurt
    just a little for like two weeks. Finally went to the doctor and
    she did have a hairline and was put in a cast.

    If it does not improve in a couple of days you need to go, and
    have it checked. Much swelling? If so I would be concerned.
    YOu can't risk the swelling interfearing with a tendon or something.
    Take a good antinflamitory. I take the blue one.


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      It could also be a really bad sprain, which can sometimes be worse than a break. Lots of rest. Best thing for it, is probably not to use it.


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        I had an injury to my middle finger (no, it's not what you think, lol). I was grabbing for a charging dog and I caught the collar, the dog decided to go the other way, and twisted my finger in the collar and kept going. I went to the dr after 2 days of extreme pain and swelling. They said it wasn't broken after taking 1/2 a dozen films and that it was just a bad sprain. This thing hurt and the knuckle was swollen looking for MONTHS! I couldn't bend it all the way or use it properly. I had decided that (with my age) maybe it was just not going to get any better and that some arthritis had set in.

        Well, one day I was taking the garbage out and hoisted the heavy bag into the trash can and twisted the same finger. At first it hurt, but after just a few minutes, the pain was gone and I could bend it fully. It wasn't stiff or sore AT ALL! I was amazed and I haven't had a problem with it since. I guess it was dislocated and the re-twisting it, popped it back into place.

        I can sympathize with your pain, but I guess you don't want to re-injury it


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          sorry, i have no darn good advice for you....i just had to reply because i laughed when i read it....i never go to the doctor either. i just wanted to let you know i feel your pain! wasn't that like 2 weeks ago already? maybe it wasn't that long.....anyway....oh wait! i just had a brainstorm! here's some advice.......go to the doctor! lol......and while your there can you ask him about this darn pain i've got in my elbow?jk


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            My brother hurt his hand once and since he was able to move all his fingers and use the hand he decided it wasn't broken and didn't bother to get it x-rayed. For several months afterwards he noticed that it would hurt badly once in a while if he bumped it a certain way or when doing certain things. He finally went to get it examined and it turned out that there was a small broken bone and since he ignored it the bone ends healed apart. He ended up in a cast for 3 months with an electrical stimulator attached to get the bones to reconnect. It was very expensive and caused him to be unable to work for a long time. Point is, you may want to get it looked at sooner rather than later.


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              [QUOTE=NeaNea;43706]I had an injury to my middle finger (no, it's not what you think, lol). QUOTE]

              Wow, how'd you function without your bird? ROFL...sorry, couldn't help myself.
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                I forget who asked, but it was about 2-3 weeks ago. It was swollen for two days or so, had a bruise for a day, and then looked normal again. If it were broken, could they really do anything to fix it? I couldn't work at all if I had a cast on it (its my right hand).

                What would happen if a tiny hairline fracture healed on its own? Would my fall apart or anything like that? lol Dumb question I know. I told you I hate going to the Dr.


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                  Sis broke her arm

                  When my sister was a child she did not tell anyone she hurt her arm. She had broken it flaling from her bike. After that she has one lower shoulder. They discovered years later in HS it had been broken and healed on its' own. They even tried a lift in one shoe.If you don't check it out it coild end up costing you more, or it will just heasl on its' own. You need your right hand so go take the best care of it you can....see that doctor. ASAP


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                    Originally posted by NeaNea View Post
                    I had an injury to my middle finger (no, it's not what you think, lol). QUOTE]

                    Wow, how'd you function without your bird? ROFL...sorry, couldn't help myself.
                    Driving was very difficult!!! LOL


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                      Both of my kids have broken their fingers. The only thing they did for them was to put those flimsy little finger casts on them. However......they didn't have breaks on the growth plates which would have necessitated a more in-depth treatment. Being full grown I assume a growth plate injury wouldn't be an issue for I would be more worried about tendon or muscle damage which can cause a whole slew of problems or even a dislocation which needs to be taken care of.

                      There are very few sane people who actually enjoy going to the doctor. GO BEFORE IT GETS WORSE!! The same goes for your "female" issues. If it was your dog having a problem would you put it off? Of course you wouldn't!! Men are suppose to be idiots about going to the doctor, not women....that is why they die more often from easily treated health problems. We're the practical ones remember....that is why we live longer!!!! Get your butt to the doctor.

                      OMG I am turning into my
                      SheilaB from SC


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                        I wouldnt wait on this. Get yourself to some doc . Hand doc or other. I never risk anything wrong with my hands and body when it is related to this job. If you got hurt on the job it might be covered by your employer. You only have one body and this is a one way trip so make your doc your best friend.
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                          Geez, where have I been??? I didn't see your earlier post where you hurt yourself girl. So this happened a couple weeks ago and you're still having pain? Ok, I hate to say it too, should go. If nothing else, it will rule out something broken and Doc can give you advice on how to take care of it. Fractures hurt really bad and they don't always heal well on their own. So you might end up having problems with it until it just gets fixed. Sorry, got no more great advice. BTW I really, really hate going to the Doctor too!!! Really, really hate it. I herbalize myself and the kids with home remedies as much as I can to avoid Doctor visits. But we've had several broken bones, sprains, some surgeries and such that couldn't be avoided. This may be one of those unavoidable trips to the doc. So are you gonna go??? Let us know what the prognosis is. Hope you are better soon!!


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                            After 2 weeks and it is still bothering you?! I hate going to the doctor too but for something like that I would most likely, probably, maybe go to the doctor. LOL Not much help am I.
                            "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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                              I was hoping you guys would have some magical cure!

                              I know I should and I probably will eventually. I keep forgetting to ask my boss how to find a dr. that accepts out insurance co. I tried the website but it didn't let me on. Grrr