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What is this gunky stuff on dog's jaw?

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  • What is this gunky stuff on dog's jaw?

    I have two clients with the same problem. There is a back scabby gunky gross thing under the jaw where the canine teeth are. The skin is sore and bloody under it. Dogs (one is a westie and one is a scottie) were taken to different vets who prescribed antibiotics an shaved their bottom jaws. Neither vet seemed to know what the problem is. This sounds like more than a coincidence to me. Any one else ever seen this? It doesn't seem to be going away.

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    Is it on the gum were the teeth enter or is it on the outside on the skin?


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      I think I know what you are talking about I groomed a lhasa a couple of times with the same (or a similar) problem. I scrubbed and scrubbed but it wouldn't come off so finally I shaved it and recommended the owner take the dog to the vet. I think it was some sort of fungus or something? At first I thought it was gum or dirt but it just wouldn't wash out.


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        I've seen something like that on cats. It's like ACNE, on the cats that is.

        I know that some dogs, like cockers and poodles, need that little goopy area below their canine teeth shaved off for sanitary reasons, was it the same as that?

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          oops I should add, I shaved the hair off but had to just run the clipper over the gunky stuff to clip the hair.


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            Yes, it's on the outside of the jaw. I can tell it causes the dogs a great deal of discomfort and the vet did shave the hair off the chin on the westie. It's dry black stuff, kind of like the dried material you pull out from in front on some eyes. Strange!


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              Maybe I'm thinking of something different, but I have heard it called...lip fold pyoderma (sp?) someone else will probably be able to explain what it is, lol.
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                I don't know what it is called but-

                I have had what sounds like your describing on some of my chihuahua's and used campor oil applied daily on it and it went away in 7 to 10 days.


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                  Sorry I can't help as I have never seen this,but sure will remember and keep an eye out.This post has reminded me of a rather strange thing I have come across through the years,not an every day thing,but common.Any one know why some dogs pads grow these extra black fuzzy,long stuff? There are no nerves or blood supply so it can be cut off.I am very careful as a rule and try not to cut any of it off but it gets in the way when doing the pads sometimes.