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Arghhhhhh matted puppies

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  • Arghhhhhh matted puppies

    I got a 15 wk old maltipoo in today totally MATTED. I got most off w/ a 5f but some had to come off w/ a 7. Luckily she was a great pup. I just hate it when they come in like that at such a young age! Theyre so wiggly and inexperienced w/ grooming..............oy. Just wanted to vent lol

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    Uggg...I hate those too. I am glad I don't see them very often. I started giving puppy discounts (even though in a sense they're more work) so owners will bring their little ones in before they get to that stage, but even still I have the occasional straggler that didn't know scruffy even needed to be groomed. Huh?...Uggg!


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      I've Had A Bunch Of Those

      You can't even be mad at these new owners. They just don't know better.
      They're bathing their puppy like crazy thinking they're keeping it clean but all they're doing is making the matting worse and worse!

      After you shave the puppy down you can explain to them about maintenance grooming and then they understand what's it's all about. Then they realize these dogs have to be groomed regularly and have to be brushed and combed out inbetween. That keeps em outta trouble!


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        Originally posted by wet noze View Post
        You can't even be mad at these new owners. They just don't know better.
        They're bathing their puppy like crazy thinking they're keeping it clean but all they're doing is making the matting worse and worse!
        And on top of that they don't "handle" well---the dog is flying like super dog all over the place, crocodile rolls, I had a dog that I was so ready to kick out (a puppy), but what did I do when the owner comes? "Oh, he just needs more practice." For cryin' out loud, what was I thinkin'?

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          yeah, I feel sorry for them too. Not angry with the owners though. They learn the routine just like the puppies do..I had a 6 week old schnauzer puppy in today. Started reg. schn trim. Stood for the grooming like a little statue. She was incrediable!!!I wanted to love on her all day! such a good lil girl! hope she stays that way!


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            haha spikey

            LOL Spikey - I saw the words "crocodile rolls" and laughed out loud! I had a 2 yr old maltese doing that today......ahhhh gotta love those lmao


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              I don't discount puppies, they are HARD work, my fav client is a 16 week old Havenese named Buttons, cute, sweet and listens!!! I wanted to take her home with me.


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                I wet shaved a 10 week old 2.5lb yorkie on Thursday. It was extremely stressful for me but it had to be done as the puppy was pelted from face to tail. I don't understand it, and didn't think it was possible at all. I didn't even believe it when she booked the appointment, but sure enough. She got charged a pretty penny and got a good long discussion on how to brush and maintain the coat as obviously her pup is prone to matting anyway, but it sounds like she will just be keeping him clipped. He did try to "fly away" at first but he was so young that he gave up quickly and was pretty good the rest of the groom as long as I let him feel secure in a towel.


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                  Place I worked at before had puppy after puppy walking in the door. It was always a day from hell when it was nothing but new dogs because I always new they would be young inexperienced grooms. There was a pet shop down the who sold puppy mill dogs, so I had all the crazies at that place.

                  The people who would come in with their matted puppies, who wanted a miracle groom, were so annoying with their requests. Just a little off here, and take down the face short, no hair off the body except 1/4 of an inch. Argggggggggg, not gonna happen people. I literally would greet my new clients with a comb and explain I can't get the comb through, so it would have to be shaved off. Sorry, that's my policy! No dematting young dogs, they will never act right again.

                  Plus people would bath them all the time without drying and brushing properly, no wonder the dog is a rats next.


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                    I'm get more mad at the owners and breeders

                    Puppies will be puppies, but I get had been more upset with the owners buying a dog that they have no clue about especially if it is one of the new "designer" breeds. They will spend hundreds if not thousands on quite honestly mutts. If the want a mix go rescue one from the pound.

                    I see the designer (sigh) breeders ads on the internet. They shout how great the dogs are, how healthy and how (in many cases) they are hypo-allergenic.

                    Now - how do they come to these conclusions?

                    Ask any pound and you will hear that more and more of the designer breeds are showing up there.


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                      I just had a thought the other day, thinking of these posts. You know, all the big stores, retail and all offer discounts and coupons. why do you think they do that? they aren't hurting for business, its just promotional. well, for the first time in my 29 years of grooming, I placed an ad out with coupons for 10.00 off first grooms, free baths for puppies under 12 weeks(thinking these will probably turn into a full groom instead of a bath only?) I also started the referral discounts...hope this not only makes for more business, but also starting the puppies in before they get too matted!
                      ps. I have separate "lodging" for the lil ones too, not in general population lol


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                        I hate it too

                        when i see a little puppy i always tell the owners about the importance of grooming when they're young. This will allow them to get used to it and learn to accept it. I hate getting young dogs that are either matted solid or fight like crazy from being blown dry. Makes me crazy!!!!! Thats why i use Groomers Helper. I love that thing. Works soooo well!!!!!