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  • customer's dog died

    One of my long time customer's dog just died and she has asked me if I knew of any dogs that she might adopt. I feel really bad for her, because I was the one who got her this dog. She had an older cockapoo that did not give her the time of day. She was really good to him, but he did not like any affection. One of my other customers needed to find a home for her Shih Tzu so I hooked them up and this women just loved this dog. Missy was diognosed with cancer about 3 weeks ago and just died last Friday. The problem I have now is that my customer calls me everyday and cries and says she going to die if she dosnt have a dog to love. The cockapoo died about a year ago of old age. I dont know anyone that is giving away a Shih Tzu at this time. She just left me another message saying the one rescue she tried to get a dog from adopted it out already. I know this woman has health issues of her own and she is very tough to get along with, but I dont know what to do about this . Any suggestions?????

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    Does it really have to be a shih-tzu? Perhaps if the search is broadened to include other breeds/mixes, a suitable replacement could be found.

    Good luck! (And I'm sure the panic for finding a replacement is grief-induced.. a little bit of time is probably what the woman needs because even if she had another dog tommorrow, it wouldn't be the SAME, and that would probably be as stressful as not having a dog at all.)


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      why not try
      If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!


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        shih tzu rescue

        there is a shih tzu rescue organization in New Jersey called Jersey Tzu Rescue- you can find them on Petfinders. They do foster, no facility. There is an adoption fee of $100 to $325. They are in South Jersey, though.

        I have a rescued shih tzu in my lap right now- I'll ask his Mom when she comes what org she used- I'm in North Jersey about a mile from the Rockland County border...might be able to help you.

        Good luck!


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          Thank you Leslie, I really want to see her get a dog. I'm not far from
          you at all. She dosnt really have much family, and this would help her feel better. I know her heart is set on a female shih tzu.


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            Found one!

            There is a female senior shih tzu available thru RBARI- the rescue organization in Oakland, NJ. They are about 10 minutes from me. There is no pic, but says not good with small children....

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              How's it going?

              What's the update on your dogless client? I was speaking to my neighbor this morning and she mentioned a woman she works with who may be getting rid of her 1 year old ShihPoo due to her older German Shepard not liking it. Says the dog is a sweetie and it'll kill her to give him up, but it's just not working out. PM me if you're interested....



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                Tell her to go to the local shelter and take a look. She may not find a Shih-tzu, but I am willing to bet that she will find one that she connects with. It sounds like she is lonely and grieving and wanting to fill that horrible void we all feel when we loose a pet. I really hope she doesn't just jump on the first thing that is offered and ends being disappointed because she is expecting an exact we all know that never happens they are as different as two different children.
                SheilaB from SC


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                  She decided to get a puppy. I actually had two shih's tzus for her about and week later and they are my shih tzu half brother and sister. I was surprised that she got a puppy, being she is rather ill and puppies are a lot of work, but she seems to be has happy as can be with this puppy. Im happy for her. Know I wish I could find homes for these two shih tzus. Im sure something will come up.