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  • I made a funny... LOL

    I had a Poodle in yesterday that had an appointment at 9. The owner called at 9:30 and said they were running late and they'd be in soon. While the owner was on the phone with my boss she gave the instructions on how to groom him. Which of course was the same as he had always been groomed. #4 all over, small poof on head and a #7 on face, leave donut.

    This little pooch hardly has a tail, not enough to leave a pom on it so it gets shaved. Well she told my boss that she doesn't want the dog to have a thick neck. I looked right at my boss and said, "sorry, I don't perform liposuction".

    I have no clue what the owner meant by that. The dog gets a #4 all over, neck and all. The dog has a fat neck, there is nothing I can do about that.

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    I wonder if maybe you could use a little tighter blade on the neck, and blend it into the longer body? Or perhaps using a #7 on the throat area would give it a bit more of a streamlined look? (in a "V" shape like a poodle).


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      Yeah! That's a good one. I also sometimes skim the neck/throat area with a blade one step shorter for a more chiseled look. Had a customer once that wanted the dogs ears scissored to the leather on the bottom edges. Then she started complaining that I left one ear longer than the other! Duh, I told her, yep, one ear IS longer than the other -- want me to leave the hair longer on the SHORT ear???