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Where to find aromotherapy & herbal skin rinses

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  • Where to find aromotherapy & herbal skin rinses

    I was at the intergroom seminars and someone mentioned doing aromotherapy for dogs and Rosemary and Tea Tree skin rinses.

    Has anyone ever heard of these things and know where to get them?

    Also, where do you get Hot oil treatments?
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    Aromatherapy for you or the dog? I tend to use products with scents that are the MOST popular for humans and ones that I can tolerate within my salon. Im so tired of lavender it now gives me headaches along with some other shampoos and creme rinses that I, and customers find offensive.

    Your best bet is using a good shampoo with a popular scent, Sugar Cookie is a favorite cologne and shampoo, a very light floral ,or better yet - dont use any scent and sell a cologne. Let the customer test the colognes first! Just a suggestion.


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      Try Spalavish colognes and the $40 sqmple kit is Generous in size and quantity. Everyone loves the cloognes.


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        Barbara Bird has an aromatherapy line.


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          I was thinking they meant like the type or aromatherapy for Dogs that you diffuse into the air or spray. Nothing you spray or use on the dog itself.


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            Aromatherapy FOR Dogs?

            What kind of scents would that be? Garbage Can? Road Kill?

            Seriously, Show Season had the Barbara Bird line. I'll dig through the other catalogs, etc.