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  • schnauzer beard

    can someone please post a couple of pictures...front and side view...of a pet schnauzer's beard? I just never quite feel like I know what I am doing. Thanks

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    My boss sometimes has a fit if a client wants a beard trimmed of if I were to try it. Unless it's really long and takes the dog out of balance in the groom, it doesn't get touched. As far as where it gets clippered, from the corner of the eye (leave a smidgen to trim flat with thinners) to the whisker nubby at the cheek, to the whisker nubby under the chin. I'm having a brain fart as to what the nubbies are called.


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      Well, a trick I learned from Sarah Hawks (maybe everyone knows it, not sure, lol) to give it more of a streamlined forward look, shave the lower jaw halfway down the muzzle, instead of leaving the hair all the way to the back of the mouth, this makes it a little straighter and brings the whole look forward, vs this huge mammoth beard on the end of the face. There's a pic in this somewhere, it's of Sparky.

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        Love your site Erin!!

        So informative!
        Very high quality.
        Humor mixed in...



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          The most common mistake I see is leaving too much hair on the sides of the beard past the sides of the eye line. A dogs beard should accentuate it's muzzle, it should look like you took your hands and pulled it all forward. When you look at the dog straight on you should not have any hair sticking out past the width of the dogs face. When you are looking at it from the side it should look like someone pulled it all forward. When people ask for a short beard I trim the bottom of the beard right at the chin first. This should always be your longest part when you are done, whether it is a short beard or a long beard does not matter as long as the chin is the longest part. Now once you have your length set take your scissors and angle them up to your jaw line and clean out an angle from the longest part to the shortest (clipped) part. I don't like to just have the beard go from short to long, I like a clean scooped out shape under the neck. It gives the appearance of the beard being pushed forward.
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