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Thinking of closing on Saturdays.....

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  • Thinking of closing on Saturdays.....

    In my last thread I started, I said that I was getting burnt out. I am thinking of closing on Saturdays and staying open late one night a week. Does anyone else not work on Saturdays? I know I may lose some customers and some will adjust their schedules. I would love to have my whole weekends off with my family. My husband thinks I am nuts!

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    I have a friend who started closing on Fridays & Saturdays. She is now open Mon -Thur., she said she lost a few clients but most people adjusted.


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      It's your business

      Run it like you want.

      If you are worried about going cold turkey, try it by saying to your Saturday regulars - I am only going to be open 2 Sats a month. Then see what happens.
      I have been open Sat & closed Sats. Can work either way. My new clients who want Sats pay premium Sat price so I'm happy to work 2 Sats a month.

      I started reducing Sat cause when I have no shows it really #^*##** to think I was sitting there & I could be elsewhere. So if you don't show on a Sat, you will never again show on a Sat.



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        DO IT!!!

        I don't work Saturdays and I am SOOO glad. Yes, you might lose a client or two, but you'll gain clients who are happy to leave their dogs during the weekdays.

        Saturdays should be spent camping and hiking and doing fun things with your friends and family. Let the shops down the road do the Saturday dogs while you go have fun! That's my opinion on the matter!

        Tammy in Utah
        Groomers Helper Affiliate


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          I use to work at a salon that was always closed on Saturday. I've also worked at Vet clinic were there was no grooming on Saturdays. I would fade out slowly and not stop Saturdays all at once.


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            working Saturdays?

            After a lifetime of grooming 6 and 7 days a week, I no longer work on Saturdays. The clients either arrange to come another day or go elsewhere.


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              Closing on Sat.

              I just started closing on Sat. I lost one client who had 3 dogs, but she only came 3-4 times a year, so no big deal. Everyone else adjusted their schedules. I do not work past 5:00 any nights, my last appt. of any day is 1:00 p.m. except a client who gets a 3:00 P.m. appt because I don't want to deal with her husband. I can get her dog done in 1-1 1/2 hrs so no big deal.
              Lisa VanVleet, RVT


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                I work every other saturday (roughly) and I adjust which weekends I work based on the dog show schedule. My Saturday clients know they have to be flexible, or they can take a midweek appointment.

                You may lose a few, but explain that you're no longer working Saturdays to be able to spend more time with your family. Most people will understand, and find a day that will work during the week.


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                  Quit the saturdays!

                  When I decided to quit working saturdays I gave all my regulars plenty of notice. But instead of staying open late I told them I would be opening an hour earlier on Tues. and Thurs. for those that needed to drop off before work. It worked great. I had a few people who complained and whined and said there was no way - but they still managed to move to one of the early drop off days. DO NOT let the clients dictate your life! I will never work saturdays again...hope this helps


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                    nope, I don't work sat's either. I open mon thru thur at 8am, and on Fri at problems with that here! they make the adjustment fine..don't worry


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                      I work 4 days a week. No weekends. Usually 8-5 and 1 day 8-8. Works fine and only a few complain about Sat. and I explain that is why I stay open until 8pm on day a week.


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                        No Saturdays for me either. If you are getting burnt out this may be a way to help with that. I like the idea someone else said instead of staying late offer eariler. I am up early anyway so early would work for me. Plus my evening time is when I am doing kid stuff for school, laundry, cleaning cooking, you know all the wife/mommy stuff. I don't think you will loose that many clients, they will adjust.
                        If it doesn't seem to work for you maybe work every other Saturday, then take Sunday/Monday off the next week so you have 2 days in a row each week.



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                          Go for it!

                          I stopped working Saturdays about 2 yrs. ago and LOVE IT!! I work Mon - Fri 9:00 - 3:30. Having a home based business - I am flexible about opening up the shop as early as 7:30 for early clients - I just trudge out to the shop in my jammies - turn up the heat, turn on the lights and unlock the door.. my customers come in and put their dog in a kennel and either have a neighbour pick up when done or come after work... I will accomodate as late as 5:00 pm for pick ups!

                          I was a little guilty at first for closing on Saturdays, but, I have a family and a life and was getting tired of having to go to be early Fridays! There are still some people with comments like "you don't work Saturday!! how about Sunday then? I just tell them - I work 5 days a week and have a family - sorry I can't accomodate you!!

                          Do what makes you happy and gives you more stress free time.


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                            I also work every other Sat., I love my weekends off!!! One of the best perks of owning your own business is being able to decide when you'll work....and (sometimes more importantly) when you won't. Do what YOU want to do.

                            If you have special 'Saturday only' clients that you'd like to keep, keep that Saturday and eliminate the rest. You could work Saturday every six weeks....if you only had one or two (or even three) dogs, you could be done in a couple of hours and still have the day for the family.


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                              After 37yrs of working Sat. I now only work 2 Sat. a month and l like it alot. The Sat. appointments book for at least 6months a head and if they miss for ANY reason they will have to work it in their time to come another day.
                              I haven't taken new Sat customers for about 4 yrs so now only certain ones can have Sat appointments, when they move or die, that's it no more.