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Dry Dog Food for Itchy, Allergy Pets

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  • Dry Dog Food for Itchy, Allergy Pets

    I am soooo frustrated with Breeders Choice /Avoderm! I swear by Avoderm and the results that I see in my clients dogs. It is probably the most fabulous food for itchy allergy dogs. But, I can no longer get it!!! The supplier I have puchased through has stop carrying it and the only other supplier for Florida is Central Pet Supply and I can't get them to return a call or e-mail to save my life. I have called the Company and they have told me they would send a message to Central Pet, but NO call...ugh.

    Does anyone know of another GREAT food for Allergy, Itchy pets?

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    I would have suggested Dick Van Patton's Natural Balance Allergy Formulas. As far as I know The Fish and Sweet potato or Duck and Potato are still ok. What you want to look for is single source Carbs and Protean. Advise that an Elemation Diet works best to narrow down what is causing the allergy ie Wheat, Corn, Soy, even Rice. or for the proteins Beef, Chicken, Lamb, etc. Some dogs can't tolerate some of the common meats so Kangaroo dog food can be found but VERY pricie stuff $60 + per large bag. Wag n' Wash has been know to carry it I'll see if I can find the name of it.


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      Originally posted by Gracy Rose View Post
      Does anyone know of another GREAT food for Allergy, Itchy pets? Wellness Simple Solutions- you can get it in duck or venison formulas. It's great for allergies, and my own dogs love it more than any of the other Wellness formulas. (I rotate their dry foods through all of their 'flavors'.)
      Go to their website (Old Mother Hubbard) and have a look.

      Oh, they've been untouched by the recalls. They say the only things they import are the venison and lamb from New Zealand........... which is great, as long as their producer doesn't decide to add something unauthorized, they should be fine.


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        Dry Dog Food for Allergic Pets

        My own Yorkie has issues, I've tried so many. We have had great luck with Royal Canin HP19. Unfortunately, a few of their brands have been recalled, but I am very happy with her results since she's been on it. I tried their Small breed Yorkie formula a while back, and found that it, along with some others, made her very greasy. (unfortunately, the cat loves it too...)


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          Foz E. Bear is allergic to EVERYTHING. I've tried all of the usual premium foods with no luck. Timberwolf Organics has saved our lives. He has no allergies at all on their food. No skin problems, no weepy eyes, no gunky's unbelievable! If you can't get it locally, you can order directly from the company. They buy all of their ingredients from one supplier in the United States.


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            Hey GR

            I called 3 different stores here & no one has any. No longer carry it.

            Owner of a boutique says she would compare it to California Natural - which is widely available.



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              gracy, try going to this can auto ship for cheaper too. its formulated by a vet and you can become a field rep for the company and make more $$$$!! check it out!


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                Hey Gracy,
                Try Lifes Abundance it has a 30 day money guarantee it has helped many.


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                  The only thing is they ship to the client. Most of my clients wait until they are out of food to come running in wanting more.

                  I carry Solid Gold, Evangers, Merrick and did carry Avoderm.


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                    how about,
                    innova evo?
                    timberwolf organics?
                    karma organic?
                    solid gold?
                    natures variety raw instinct?
                    all these foods can be found on
                    and you can find a list of the ingredients as well.
                    these should all be very good foods.


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                      I carry Solid Gold and their holistique is great but not fabulous for allergies. I did research today and found Healthwise which is also by Natura (Innova, Kharma, etc) and it contains AVOCADO oil :-) That was the secret to AvoDerm that is what make itchy pets STOP itching. I truly wish I would have taken before and after pictures of this Cocker that I got to start on AvoDerm. So, I am going to try Healthwise to carry in my salons for my clients.

                      Some Company truly needs to bottle Avocado oil as a food topper. Although personally I HATE avocados it truly is one of those "miracle" foods. Especially for those allergy, itchy pets.

                      Thank You Eli (I owe you), you got me looking into Natura which makes California Natural and discover Healthwise.