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    Do any of you have your new clients sign anything incase something goes wrong while the dog is on the table? For example you accidently nick the dog or you have a senior pet on the table that dies of old age. And/or do you have your clients sign a form if their pet is badly matted?

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    I never had. Never worked anywhere where they did this either. But there are a lot of groomers on this board that do, do it. I think if I was starting up fresh I would do something like that. It's a good thing.
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      I have a sign in sheet on the counter, it does explain things :-) They sign in each time they come.

      If you want a copy just email me: [email protected]


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        I have people sign my salon policy. I whip it out real fast when I get a super matted dog. Makes the owner aware of things that could/might happen during grooming and other little "rules" I need them to obide by.


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          I have one. I don't touch the dog till it is signed either.
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            I have clients sign for old, matted, and flea infested dogs. Each form I have is duplicate, so they take a copy home with them. I had a flea bath form made up after a dog had an allergic reation to the shampoo b/c the owner failed to tell me she has dipped the dog the day before! The poor dog, it had to stay at the vet for a week, and no, the owner didn't ask me to pay, and has returned since, but now has the dog on flea meds.