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  • Mike Robertson-Fine Edge

    It is with a heavy heart that I pass this message from Ann Stafford along... I've done business with Mike for years and years now...

    I just received the following forwarded message from John Stazko:

    With very sad news.
    This just came in about our dear friend Mike Robertson. Please pass
    this to all who know & love him, Thanks John

    We just found out that Mike has been diagnosed with cancer--already
    involving his lungs, lymphatic system and liver. He just went for a
    PET scan on Monday and the doctors discovered how far it has spread
    and seems to be doing so quickly. The doctor said it is inoperable
    and indicated that he may not last more than about 9 months. They are
    going to see another doctor next week for a second opinion--just to be
    sure, but do not really expect to be told something different. Please
    pass this info. along to anyone else who may wish to contact Mike.

    Mike & Anita Robertson
    34 Lloyd Lane
    Kilmarnock, VA 22482
    (804) 435-2289

    Ann Stafford

    Bryan & Susan

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    I missed them at the Atlanta Pet Fair. That might explain it.


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      I dealt with Mike when he used to come to my shop in Beltsville, MD about 20 years ago. He'd stop in and pick up what needed sharpened or repaired and would always do a great job. Since then, even though their business has expanded, they still give great service. We'll be praying.