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Referrals? What do you do?

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  • Referrals? What do you do?

    Do any of you have a referral program in place? If so, how does your work?

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    I give my clients $5 off for each client that they refer to me that books (and keeps) their appointment. It is not posted on anything so my clients think it is just really a special thank you to them for doing something they did on their own.


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      I do - I give 10% off a groom.


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        I give them business cards and have them put their names on the back and have the new client turn it in and give them $2 off.


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          Clients get $5.00 off next groom as a minimum depending on how wonderful the new client is.

          Referrals from vets- Buy the office lunch from Crispers once or twice a year.

          Referrals from other groomers- Cash, amount depends again on how great the new client is.

          Hope this helps!



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            I bought post cards through MBS communications, on the front they say "thanks" on the back it says thank you for your referral. Then I have on it that they will get $2.00 off their next groom. It's not much but just a little something to let them know I appreciate it.


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              I do. When a regular client refers someone and they keep their appointment I send the regular client a coupon good for $3 off a full groom OR a complimentary Blueberry facial at their next groom. People love it! I've had alot of fun feedback and now I have lots of advocates out there trying to get me more clients. The only problem is, how do I quit the referral program?? Soon I'll be at the point where I won't be accepting new clients.


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                When person "A" refers person "B", "A" will get $x off their next groom (I make note of it in "A"'s chart when "B" comes in for the groom). The discount is only applied once for each referral.

                So if "A" has a bunch of friends, in fairly short order "A" will have a free groom coming

                We also give discounts for prebooking and keeping those appointments. ("C" comes in every 6 weeks, so they'll get $x off each groom).


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                  I give a 1/2 price groom or a bath with 3 referrals. For 5 referrals I give them a free groom. And if the local vets refer me and I see that I have alot coming from the vets, they get a pizza party.


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                    I give 10% off to the customer who referred the client. I've been thinking about giving the business cards out, but if the new person forgets to bring it in, then I won't know who referred them, so I just tell people to make sure they tell people their names.
                    No Fur, No Paws, No Service.


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                      Referral Bonus Coupon

                      I send a thank-you note to new clients for giving my business a try. In the envelope I enclose 4 cards that say:

                      Fluffenbutt Smith reports:
                      The water is warm; the bath is soothing; the grooming room is clean, modern, and comfortable; and the groomer is gentle. (But I still don’t like getting my nails done!!)

                      Bring this coupon for $5 off your first groom at Dog Hair Everywhere! Call for
                      an appointment today. xxx-xxx-xxxx
                      Hamlin, NY

                      In the thank you note I explain that the Smith's should give the "Referral Bonus Coupon" to someone who might be interested in grooming. The new client should bring the card to get $5 off and I attach the card to the Smith's file. They get 10% off their next groom.


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                        I tell them thank you so much for the referral and let them know that I appreciate it. I can't afford to give my money away.

                        Most people I don't even think they expect something in return except excellent service for their own dogs future groomings.


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                          Totally referral business

                          I've been doing housecalls for 4 years and never advertised. My whole business is from referrals, and I have more than I can handle. Many times I have to turn down referrals because I only groom small breeds. So a simple thank you to my present clients is good enough.


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                            I give a discount

                            I am a new business, we are in our sixth month, I give 5 off for every referral. Whether the person they refer has 1 dog or 4 its a flat 5 for the new customer! I also have a 10% discount program if my clients re-book the same day when they pick up. Gotta spend money to make money. so far its working well!


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                              I give 5.00 off for referrals. I simply pull up the clients card and make a note of it, so the next time they're in, they get the discount. If they send 5, great!! they get 25.00 off! They love it and so do I!!