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  • Anal Gland Question

    Why is it that dogs that come in and are not scooting will sometimes start scooting after you express their anals?

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    Expressing the glands can cause some irritation and mild discomfort from the pressure you apply, depending on how thick the contents are. At the clinic, we would always tell an owner after the expression, don't be surprised if they seem "itchy" and scoot for a day afterward. This is normal, so long as it resolves shortly afterward. Also, some pets that get chronic full glands do so due to allergies, and they may just always have an itchy butt. These cases need to be referred to a vet.


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      I believe they do this because although we've expressed them, they feel small amounts of debris remaining inside the gland or the ducts to the gland maybe. I could be wrong, but this was my theory. I ask my clients if they want it done, and I only do it with their understanding of it. If there was not a need for it in the past, I don't do them.

      But if I find a dog will scoot, I ask the owner how frequently that lasts after their groomings. MOst say a day or two then it's over. I always ask, because if it's continuous scooting after a groom, but they weren't scooting at all prior to the groom, than I lay off the frequent expressing unless necessary.