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Hydrosurge with conditioners?

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  • Hydrosurge with conditioners?

    I recently started at a new salon and they have a hydrosurge. Yay!! But I don't believe the bathers are using it properly.
    At my old shop we had a prima to apply shampoo, rinse and then use conditioner from the bottles. When I started at the new place they were putting the shampoo and conditioner in the water and sending them both through the system at the same time. I didn't see how the dogs would be cleaned or conditioned properly, so I told them to do it separately. Shampoo, rinse, conditioner, rinse.
    How do y'all use it?

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    I use a bathing beauty. I shampoo, add a squirt of vinegar, rinse, then run conditioner through, then quick rinse (I don't use any heavy conditioners).


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      I use only shampoo with my bathing beauty. I condition straight from the bottle and apply with my hands or a zoom groom. Most conditioners can't really be diluted anyway.


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        Vivilee, have not seen ya around in awhile....

        I love your avatar. I use conditioner thru hydro-surge and many times just squirt dirctly onto coat. I find with Bichons, the hydro-surge gets in into coat evenly and you don't waste it. That tropliclean de mat is expensive.


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          We apply conditioner with the hydrosurge but we always shampoo, rinse, then condition. The conditioner is on a separate pump. We dilute the conditioner before we run it through the system.


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            I don't really see a problem with this method, would it not be similar to the "shampoo plus conditioner" products we buy for ourselves?