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    Today I had in 6 dogs today. One small mix breed with hardly a coat and it's buddy a Border Collie mix with a thick coat named Bear. Then an Akita mix with a horrible coat, it must have every breed mixed with it, or at least that's what the coat looks like and his buddy another Border Collie mix with a thick coat also named Bear. Then an Aussie and a Maltese mix.

    It took me 4 hours to do the Akita mix, I shaved and his buddy with a #4 and struggled with that blade, but wouldn't go shorter. His buddy, Bear, kept trying to jump off the table every time someone walked in. He's so people friendly he just wants to run to everyone. He was extremely wiggly and would not stop moving.
    The other Bear is really old and yipes and tries to bite every time I picked up a leg. She got shaved with a #7. Her buddy, Fox, just got a bath and he rolled in poop. I had to use medicated shampoo on him. I first washed him with Grimenator then washed him with the medicated and let it sit. A bunch of dirt and poop still ran off. He was disgusting.

    Toby, that Aussie is a spaz. I can't use the HV on her in the tub except on the low setting and only for a minute before she stresses.

    To end my very stressfull day was Hercules my Maltese mix. He is such a love. He just jumps in my arms and cuddles. It was a perfect ending to a bad day. All of my dogs today were freaks and started stressing me out. Then I did Hercules. He made me calm down so much. Thank goodness I ended the day with him.

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    I am glad that your day ended on a good note. My day yesterday was kind of like yours. I had a snch. mix, 2 Keeshounds, (they have not been done since before winter because they sleep outside.), a shih-tzu and a border collie whom I forgot to put in the book. The guy never calls me to schedule an appointment. He instead stops by house to schedule. This time when he came to schedule...I was on my way out and forgot to write him in my book.
    (I had the feeling that I had another dog to do, but was not sure...LOL) I do have to say though all of the dogs were good for the most part. However the Border Collie has gotten really fat since I did her last. She also has arthritis in her back leg and would not stand up for more then a minute at a time.


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      Yesterday I had 5 baths and 2 grooms Count'em 2! And they took me all day! One was a doodle in a soft poodleish coat. It was always in great chape so I expected no trouble and an early day....not this time. Not matted solid, but small mats everywhere and a REALLY matted face. I couldn't shave so I had to blow dry and brush everything out. That one took me about 4 hours total. NOT fun. The other? The only breed that I absolutely HATE as a grooming client and is the most headstrong useless Old English Sheepdog. And an old one too. My apologies to any who like them or even have them. I've done several and NONE has been a pleasure to groom. I may haveto reconsider advertising "all breed grooming" in my mobile so I can avoid doing them at all! Blah!


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        what about?


        It took me 4 hours to do the Akita mix, I shaved and his buddy with a #4 and struggled with that blade, but wouldn't go shorter.

        I never have luck with a #4 blade on coats like that. I always try a #2 first, which usually puts me to a #5F, goes through like butter, comes out a lot smoother, and looks great! It's only a smidge shorter than a 4, but saves a lot of valuable time that you could put towards more Hercules'


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          So sorry about your day, I know everyone here knows just how you feel! I'm sitting here feeling like I've been pounded flat and eaten by a bear- too many big dogs for me today, 5 of which I ended up grooming on the floor. Every muscle is screaming.

          Have a drink or a hot cocoa, a hot bath, and relax! :-)


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            It must be the full moon! I groomed a bunch of freaks yesterday too. In fact my best behaved dog was a name is Molly and she is a sweetie.

            I had 2 Shih-tzu's from the same family. The male is one of those who has a dripping wet face from his eyes and he drools the whole time while he flashes his teeth. He has too short of a nose for a muzzle so I was really thankfull for my GH. His girlfriend Sara is a screaming fruitcake. Anytime you lift a foot or try to brush her face she squeels like you are cutting off body parts! I also had a Doodle who is a 7 month old doofus. He is a sweet boy but what a job!!! Thankfully the owner is taking him to obedience and it is kicking in. He knows what "no" means, it just wears off Last time the owner wasnt' too happy because I "made him look like a poodle". I was just waiting for her to say something yesterday, I would have bopped her in the nose! The rest of my day was about the same except for the sweet kitty! Thank goodness for her! Kind of like your Maltese Raggs, she was my pressure release valve yesterday! Hope today is a better one for all of us!
            SheilaB from SC


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              Yesterday was a much better day... 4 dogs, 3 complete grooms and one bath and all well behaved. I was done by 12:30. I had a Shih Tzu, an old Cockapoo, a Poodle and a Lab.

              The Cockapoo always has greasy fur and skin even after 2 baths. I used the Grimenator on her yesterday. (I finally got that shampoo). Still had to give her 2 baths, but she wasn't greasy at all. Her hair was soft and fluffy and the hair on her head actually laid down instead of standing up and clumping. I've even tried Dawn on this dog and that didn't do anything...

              I LOVE GRIMENATOR!!!!!!!!!


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                I had pretty good dogs today! I love when I have easy days like that! But a few weeks ago every dog of the day was an evil, bititng, spitting, nasty little vermants.
                It made me want to crawl in bed and not get out for a week...but then I had one sweet well behaved Westie named Angus who I could have taken home, he really saved that day!