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And again...these blade Guyz!!!

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  • And again...these blade Guyz!!!

    So today I had a pug that was to be shaved. I always use a #7 reverse on these guys for a smooth cut. I was down to ONE #7 blade, and it was barely working (how 3 of them went kapoot on me all of a sudden is beyond me!) So anyway I'd sent my other two that were not working AT ALL to Tim of the Blade Guyz along with the #40's from the animal hospital.

    So today I grabbed my freshly sharpened #7 blade and it zipped sooooo cleanly through the hair that I almost thought I was using a #10! I'm not kiddin', my #7 has never been so sharp. I'm excited because I have 2 kitties tomorrow that I will do their backs in a #7 reverse and #10 on the rest of their bodies.

    Tammy in Utah
    Groomers Helper Affiliate

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    I've been SOOOOO disappointed with my blade guy, went to use one of my #5 freshly sharpened NOTHING NADA!!! Then went to use my short Roselines again NOTHING NADA!!! GRRRRR!! I'm gonna get my stuff ready to send to "The Blade Guyz". I have been gonna use them for awhile I'm just lazy about getting to the Post Office.



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      I cheated, I regretted it, I'm forgiven

      Groomer friend says "oh!!! Try this blade guy he's great!!"

      Ok. Oh NO!
      My scissors were toast!! The tips were so sharply pointed I just threw them in the drawer!
      I like mine pointy groomer friend says.

      "Tim please take me back!"

      Package from Mississippi is different than the one I sent.

      "Well I guess he couldn't fix my scissors! No, wait! look! Saved!!"

      Note says- yep they were sharp alright. You could have used them to sew yourself up!

      Tim really Loves Sharpening & it shows!



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        Scoop, ask Tim, NOBODY is worse at getting things out in the mail than I am! Jeff or Tim, it doesn't matter, they're both good, but DEFINITELY get them out there, it is so worth it.

        AND...they're cheaper!

        Tammy in Utah
        Groomers Helper Affiliate


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          With all the hoopla about the "blade guys " on this forum I talked the shop owner where I work into trying them, we went with Jeff as he was closest to Pa. well we got our blades and shears back and they are Great! I got the best cutting out of my cheapo shears,than ever before. The blades are so nice now, it is like no effort at all to clip those matted ones or for that matter the not matted ones!! Thanks Jeff!! And thanks to all of you who rant and rave about the fabulous "Blade Guys"!
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            Tim fixed my Geib shears that were previously ruined by a wanna-be sharpener. To boot, Tim didn't even charge me for the troubled shears. He should have because I know he spent quite a bit of time on them to fix someone else's mistake. I will show my gratitude on my next shipment.

            Plus in addition to those shears, he did my other shears and blades and I'm still saying WOW when I use them. Sharper than ever before, even when all were new pruchases. Also I followed instructions on their website videos for cleaning your blades and caring for your clippers. I learned so much about the maintenance of blades and clippers, it's really helped me understand how to clean and maintain my equipment.