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Liences vs money

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  • Liences vs money

    (Groomer not a speller)
    Do I want to be lienced NO--do we need to be lienced YES
    There are sooooomany questions.Would the "shop" be lienced/ The bathers? how about the groomer helper?? or just the owner?? Will it stop the problems with heat dryers or should we just band heat dryers?
    I have been grooming for 28 years and I have had only three (what I feel ) serious acceendents. One young spindly puppy broke his leg when he jumped off my table, a cat tear after I pulled a tick in a matted area and a sliced neck on a old thin dog with a seven blade. Would this have shut me down??? Even temporary?? I go to senairs, I show and I am very well respected in my area, yet I am not beyond accidents.( I have seen semians speaker, well known, cut a dogs ear.) As with most groomer/owners I am tired after a hard day and don't want to study or chase down someone to "test" me on my time because time is money. Even a fool can pass a test. And I am sure we all have had a bad perm or color at some time in life. Does that mean a person was not proffessional?? Why is it about money ------next thread

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    Ok, I vented all I am going to vent now lets have fun on this.
    And good story on fat dogs/// Is it wrong to charge more??


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      You made some good points about being licensed vs money. It makes you stop and think about it.

      Sorry no good stories about fat dogs. I don't charge more but maybe I should.
      "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."