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  • Town and Country cut?

    Ok, so I can't even do my own hair, yet I think I can master cutting my dogs hair? Boy, am I asking for trouble!

    anyway, I have maltese. I am just getting into showing and due to a very unfortunate dreadlock situation, I had to cut down down my one girl that I had in full coat. I scissored out the dreadlocks that used to be nice, long silky hair (it took me HOURS) and used a 5f on her body, leaving her legs long and scissored the face.

    I think I have a mangled version of a town and country cut but I can't find any pics online of that clip. Does anybody have any pictures that they can post to help me with that? and any suggestions on how I can make this cut look better would be very much appreciated! Thank you in advance.
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    There may be some pics in the grooming pictures, before and after section of a town and country clip. Sorry you had to take your full coated girl down. That's a huge bummer! I would've cried. The maltese's that I clip, get a modified type pupply clip. I can't tell too good in the after pic of your malti how long her legs are? Are they cut in proportion to her body? Or is that what you're wondering how to do? I can see her head is really full - but maybe that is the look you're going for? I usually clip all of the body in proportion with each other - head & legs too. But I do know that some show people like to keep the legs/face longer - so tell what look you're going for and I'll gladly give you some tips. You can pm me if you'd like. I attached a dark pic (for some reason that week my camera wouldn't flash) of a maltese I groom regular. She is taken down a bit shorter in the summer months. Cooler months - she gets this clip with a part down her back - kind of one length all over, but not too long and easier maintenance.
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      I'm sorry you had to strip down your girl. I'm with the other person and look on the before and after pictures. You can also do a search on google and find them, I'm sure..

      Just one little tip. If you're showing you're dogs, it's best to comb them every day and wrap the ends of hair in paper. If they get knotted, you have to separate the knots by hand or else the coat gets destroyed. That will disqualify a dog from a show.