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  • ? About Hair Straightening

    Does anyone know exactly what makes a curly hair straighten? Is it the heat of the dryer, or the force of the air? Is it the combination of the heat & air? Someone told me it was the heat that caused the hair to straighten. And I think it has something to do with being wet because if you let that poodle (wrapped in a towel) get too dry, you won't be able to straighten the hair. Just curious...any ideas?

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    Straightening Hair

    In order to really make the hair straight, you need a very wet coat, a slicker brush and a warm force dryer or stand dryer. If the hair begins to dry, you must re-wet it, and if it gets too dry, you must re-wash it. I usually don't dry Poodles and Bichons as much as I would other breeds, even in the mobile trailer. Once it starts to dry, it will kink and curl. You use the heat and force of the dryer against the grain growth of the coat. In other words, on a Poodle's body, you would brush the hair upwards, and aim the dryer air upwards. You use a slicker brush and the air from the dryer and completely dry each spot. If you only partially dry it, and move to another area, it will kink up. This is called Fluff drying or Stretch drying.

    If you give the dog a proper fluff dry, your finished product will be much straighter, and have a polished, crisp look. I also feel that unless the dog is very long or matted, it looks best to clip and scissor only after fluff drying.


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      Thanks Rightlook, I appreciate your response. I didn't realize you should dry a poodle against the grain, that's very helpful.