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    These guys are not even 2 monthes yet. We all should know that Pulik can be Blk, White and Silver. But have you ever seen a Mascko Fako (not sure on the spelling) and a Apricot.

    They are from to seperate litters by different breeders.

    The Fako was unexpected (Blk mom and Blk dad). 2 pups one Blk(girl) the other Fako(boy)
    The Apricot was hoped for (Blk mom with whites in the line and a Blk dad) 4 pups 2 Blk (boys), 1 apricot (girl) and 1 white (girl).

    They had a puppy party and I missed it (work)

    You can't show these colors as per AKC but you can in FCI.

    The Apricots name is Mojo (I believe)
    And the Fako's is Tsk Tsk.
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    Never gonna know if you never even try

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    I never knew puli came in anything other than Black. Learn somthing new eveyday here.

    What is the FCI?


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      They are too darned cute!

      I love them!!


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        Adorable! I groom a whitish cream one, but it just looks like a gargantuan bichon, lol.
        No Fur, No Paws, No Service.


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          I Want One!!!


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            We have a black one we bathe somewhat regularly. Sweet thing, but she exemplifies the term "mop dog". She hates getting a bath and will drag her whole body on the floor like I was pulling a real mop. I also didn't know they came in other colors. I've also never seen a puppy. Adorable curly little things. But Tsk Tsk as a name?? Weird.....