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Do you offer add-on spa services?

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  • Do you offer add-on spa services?

    Hi everyone... I was at the Ontario Dog Grooming Association show on the weekend and we had a great talk from Joey Vallani, the Nash Academy President in NJ... He mentioned that the add on spa packages have been a huge hit so I was wondering if anyone else is finding success?

    What kind of services do you offer that work well? Some things I have hear are the facials, pawdicures, upgrades on shampoo etc..

    I just quit my corporate bank job and am expanding my home business plus going to work for my vet (who I love) and am thinking about offering a couple of extra add on services.


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    Facials & Paw Treatments

    I loved the idea of a SPA line - I made up some fun packages with fun little names and very reasonable prices. I've had some inquiries, but no one really wants to spend the extra for the extra's. I do offer blueberry facials and paw treatments too - these are the most requested add ons. People will spend a few bucks extra (or a little more) for these and I've gotten great feedback from the ones who've added them. But the larger packages aren't doing so great. I think I'll exclude them soon - I got a sign and everything and it's just taking up counter space. I think everyone's too cheap in my neck of the woods. Good luck!


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      I've been handing out welcome packets for about a month now with my spa packs in them, but haven't put any signage up in the shop which I think is where it will really make the difference. I have 3 spa packages (the ones spa lavish suggest) and then give the option to add just the facial or some other things, hot oil treatment, conditioner, nail polish nail file one at $X or 2 for $XX.
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        I just started offering spa extras just in the last couple of weeks. Facials, aromatherapy shampoos, paw moisturizing, pedicures (nails files and polished) and teeth brushing. It's going slow but good. I sell about 1 a day on average. I'm going to keep going with it.


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          bubble bath/Paw Treatment

          SPA Lavish has bubble bath/paw treatment shampoo, how do you use it? Do you only use on the paws or on the whole body? It looks and smell the same as blueberry facial shampoo, could it be the same thing just call differnt names?


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            Thanks for the feedback... It sounds encouraging. I'm interested in the Blueberry Facials but not sure if anyone in Canada is distributing them. I picked up some aromatherapy shampoo, spritzes, natural bug repellent and paw treatments from a show this past weekend that I'm going to offer.