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My new Gypsy Rose

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  • My new Gypsy Rose

    I'm a sucker for boxers and we got a boxer X at school for adoption. I took my kids down to meet her and then went to sign the adoption papers. She loved my kids wagging her tail the whole time she was getting attention. She is skinny and has bad skin, but with a little love and lots of nutrition (and grooming) she will become more beautiful than she is now. I'm dying to bring her home, but I have to wait till she is spayed and Dr. Bell releases her. I can't wait. Her left eye is so beautiful and different it is 1/2 brown and 1/2 blue. We are all still trying to decide what she is mixed with.
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    She looks lovely!


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      Very cute. Bean where do you live. We have a Dr. Bell not far from me in South Jersey.
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        VERY cute dog!!!... She may have some boxer in there but IMO she looks more like a pitty mix to me....either way, what a beauty!


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          What a cutie! She looks like she has some pit in there!
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            yes...from the front she looks like boxer...but the side view looks pitty mixed with possible boxer?


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              I thought pit too...

              After closely examing her I don't think it's pit. When I get her home and relaxed where she isn't trying to kiss everyone maybe I can get a better picture. She is mixed with a dbl coat breed. Those pics just do not do justice.

              And I live in Utah so its probably not the same Dr. Bell