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A dog was hit and killed in front of my shop yesterday!

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  • A dog was hit and killed in front of my shop yesterday!

    Yesterday was NOT a good day! We had a nerve wracking group anyway and while I was wrestling a OAY Peekingneese w/the owners help, Ronnie comes running in the grooming room in tears saying, "a customers dog just got hit".

    Well, it turned out to not be one of my clients dogs, but a stray that one of my clients was trying to coax out of the road. The dog was following some guy that was walking down the street and when he walked across the street she followed him. Heather (the client) said she realized the dog must not be that man's dog because she was going back and forth in the street like she was confused.

    We are on a VERY busy main hwy and on a fairly blind curve.....not a good place for a dog to be wandering! Heather was trying to coax the dog to her and she was coming to her when she got hit! ( I am getting the shakes again as I am typing this) They said this man didn't even turn around and look (the bastard)!!!

    When I ran outside she was laying in the middle of the road and 2 or 3 more cars went over her (didn't hit her again). I was trying to judge traffic so I could get her body when she started moving!!! Thankfully there wasn't anyone coming so I was able to dart out and grab her. Ronnie ran her to the vets, but they pronounced her dead when she got there. Poor little thing! We put her in my back yard w/Ritz (my old Shih-tzu), Ursula (my old Peekingneese) and Tigger and Larry (old kittys), so at least she is not alone. I am going to keep an eye out for "Lost" posters so I can inform the owners if someone is looking for her.

    Anyway, I just needed to get this off of my chest. It makes me so sad (and angry) when this happens. I am also worried that there is someone who loves this dog worrying about her and wondering where she is and they might never find out. Do you think I should post something or just look for "lost" notices?
    SheilaB from SC

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    just last year when I was in Caliornia, a dog was hit by a car and laying on the side of the road just across from my house. my father-in law was out there with a police officer who came to the scene. unfortunately the dog could not be saved and the officer shot him with his gun.


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      what a sad story! I am so glad that you took her home and buried her with your other pets in the garden. It shows what a wonderful person you are and reading that about her getting hit - well accidents happen but for other drivers to just drive by like its nothing and that man to not even look back! I don't know which is worse. You wouldn't want to have someone like that as a friend, that man or those drivers just passing by. It shows that they have no concern about anything if it doesn't directly involve them.

      Meanwhile I am at a loss as to what you should do. Maybe there is a way to post something so that if the owner see it they will know. You would hate to think that some family and some child are out looking for their pet. I guess the dog thought she knew that man that she was following....

      Well you handled it well. You went right out there, tried to help. You had her sent to the vet and then you placed her with the rest of you pets. I think thats wonderful of you. In a way, even if she was a stray, she found a home here on earth even if it was at the end.


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        So sorry

        That is so sad. I'm sorry that your group had to go through that but I love that you took her to your house to lay her to rest. That happened when I was in school with a customer's dog. The cust was bringing the dog in to get her nails trimmed, a little doxie, and she slipped her collar, and ran into the very busy road. Needless to say, we were all very shaken and paid super close attention to the proper collar fit after that!

        Maybe a classified ad in the paper, just in case?


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          oh Sheila, i am sorry

          that's terrible. but you are such a good person for trying to hepl this pup and giving him a proper burial. i hope you feel better soon. Laura


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            Oh i'm so sorry you had to witness that and I just hate those people like that bastard that can just ignore what was going on around them.
            Thank goodness for people like you and (us) who do care and realize that the dog had a good home one day and was lost and confused. Bless you for taking care of him/her I would've done the same thing.

            It will probably be a while before it stops making you so sad and tearful. I can't even stand watching a squirrel get hit and left to die.

            One day last year I had to wrap a seagull someone hit and left confused in the middle of the road and bring ti to rehab but sadly he didn't make it either.

            It makes me so angry that people can have such disregard for other creature's lives.


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              OMG!!! (((HUGS))) I'm so sorry!! As fast as that little area is growing around you and as fast as people come flying down through there like it's an undiscovered NASCAR straightaway you'd like to think that the Highway Patrol or Anderson Co. (or are you in Pickens Co.) would do something. But NOOOOOO, they have to be out sitting in the WM parking lot or in front of Rick Tanner's Restaurant instead of patrolling and enforcing the laws like they should be. Girl, you pay taxes! Get on the phone to the appropriate agency (s) and fuss like heck. Then when/if they do nothing write a letter or five to the newspapers and get on the local talk radio stations and fuss like all get-out! I had a hard time getting out of your parking lot for the durn fools speeding like there was no tomorrow and the gates of Hella were closing in 5 minutes so I can just imagine what it was like for you guys!! I'm glad you weren't hit and that you were at least able to give the poor little thing some comfort at the sad


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                I'm sorry you and your crew had to go through that. Bless all of you who did get involved and helped. If I were you I would put something in the paper and let other local vets know and maybe the humane society, just in case there is a family out there looking for their dog. I know I would want to know and this may be the only way to let a potential family know what happened. Hugs to you and everyone that was involved.



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                  Sheila, I am so sorry that you guys had to go through that. I would have been a basketcase and angry as all get out at the speed demons coming up/down the road. Makes you want to post a sign down a ways that says, "THIS IS NOT NASCAR, SLOW DOWN!!!"

                  This kind of thing really angers me---and to me the hard part is imagining that poor thing walking confused, it must have been so scared! It just breaks my heart.

                  Take heart, this too shall pass, and time will make it easier.

                  Tammy in Utah
                  Groomers Helper Affiliate


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                    Sheilabgroomer, your post just brought tears to my eyes.


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                      Im so sorry Sheila!

                      What a horrid day for you all!! Im so sorry, that poor little dog. At least she knew a loving person holding her as she slipped away.
                      My sister (she is a vet tech at the vet clinic I worked at before I went out on my own) went through almost the same thing 3 weeks ago but with a happier ending (well its not over yet) she saw a person in a BMW suv run slap over a little lab mix puppy in front of a commercial building, several people were just standing in the parking lot watching this poor pup drag herself off the road, so by the time my sister got her car stopped the pup was laying half in a ditch and half in the road. She scooped the pup up and rushed her to the vet clinic and it was determind that both femurs were broken and her pelvis was crushed, my sister and the vet decided that it would be best to put the puppy to sleep thats when the puppy turned on the charm and started kissing my sister's face. Long story short the puppy is now named Cleveland for the road she was hit on, she has had 3 surgeries to put everything back together, the vet clinic has donated her care and meds, a surgian from UGA (go Dawgs!) donated his time to put her back together again, and she has a list of potental new families that want to adopt her.


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                        Oh man, that is so hard to see! I remember I was in a car that hit a dog on the highway last year. It was awful! That sickening feeling in your whole body like you were in an accident takes awhile to get over. I'm so sorry that you had to deal with that, and then work on top of it. I'm glad she has a place now with you in your home. Did you give her a name? Did the vets think she was a stray? (underweight, no collar/tags, not groomed?) You're an angel in groomer's clothing.
                        No Fur, No Paws, No Service.


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                          So sorry you had to go through that-it's horrible to see an animal get hit. It was very kind of you to give the little dog a final resting place ( got tears as I read that). Maybe leave a note with the humane society and the local vets so if the family is looking, they'll know what happened. They may be comforted to know that there were caring people like you around when she died. Take care.


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                            That is so sad, poor dog's don't know how dangerous the street is. they also don't know how thoughtless people can be, I can't believe that guy didn't even stop. It will probably be hard to go to your shop for a while but at least you did what you could by taking her out of the street and to a vet , instead of leaving her on the road.
                            A couple nights ago I was at a drive thru with a black truck in front of me. He took off after he got his food and I pulled up. Well about 3 miles down the road traffic was backed up and I could see a (that same) truck pulled over but blocking the road still. I heard awfull noises like yelping and screaming coming from that area. Well it turns out the guy hit a dog and he was trapped under the tire. Although it was very sad, it was good to know that somebody would make such a big deal about it. People stuck in traffic were yelling telling him to move and saying "it's just a damn dog". It's good to see that there are some caring people out there when the inevitable happens. Dog's will never know how dangerous streets and people can be.


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                              One day, years ago, I was walking along a busy street with my kids, one in a carriage. A dog came trotting up the street and joined us. I tried to catch him but everytime I got close enough he darted away -- sometimes into the street. The dog would not allow me to catch him and he wouldn't leave us either. People started yelling at me to put my dog on a leash as they drove by, just missing hitting him. I tried to ignore him, even tried stopping and not moving. There were no side streets to turn into and no sidewalk on the busy street I was walking on. It was a NIGHTMARE.... Finally, after my nerves were totally shot, he trots away, happy as a clam, I was a wreck.

                              Not sure what all that has to do with this thread -- it just all came back to me, lol!!!!