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  • im such a sap

    today i groomed 2 new dogs,one beautiful husky,and the other an adorable retriever ausie mix,well the mix was very skittish,but soooo darn cute and sweet,hardly no hair the husky on the other hand,was the worst husky ive ever groomed cried the whole time in tub,and during blow drying tried to bite during brushing and he had lots of undercoat i needed to get out,he was muzzled and i had to do on floor but he wouldnt stand still fought me the entire groom,so i told my bather,im never taking this dog again,hes to hard and gets all the other dogs stressed out,so when owner gets there,very nice lady she asks me how they did,i said scooby is a sweetheart tazz,sure does live up to his name,well we started talking and she told me her hubby who she was married to for 28yrs was killed by a drunk driver 8 months ago,then her mom just passed 2 months ago,well i was heartbroken for her,so when she asked if she could prebook for 8 weeks i said sure,after she left i did kick myself,i really didnt want to see that husky again,maybe he will be better but i doubt it

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    Don't you hate that! I tell myself in those situations that a bit of grief on my part brings a world of happiness to someone else. Bite the bullet. What goes around comes around.... He will be better next time ( but dang it , I REALLY don't like to groom huskies!) and you will comfort a very deserving lady. Sure hope she tipped well, that always softens the blow! LOL


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      Don't you kick yourself, there is no crime in being softhearted! If she starts getting the dogs groomed regularly maybe he will learn how to act (doubt it but you never know) and make it worth your while. Remember what comes around goes around and you did a kind thing! (keep telling yourself this when your are wrestling that beast next
      SheilaB from SC