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  • Spa Packages (revisited)

    Ok, talked to the owner of the animal hospital I work for, we are looking into hiring a bather (yay!!)

    I also told him of the money that could be made with spa packages, FURminator etc. He was really interested in the FURminator, and that it "really" seems to work.

    I told him about the "spa treatments" and he rolled his eyes, lol, but he "got" my point about making more money and that these actually do work, that I wouldn't sell them if they didn't.

    So, can anyone tell me what their packages are, what they include? Supermutts I know you have 3 packages, care to share the details of each?

    I'm also curious about brands---I'd like to stick with one line, so as not to have to order from 5 different places.

    Thank you all.

    Tammy in Utah
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    Well I have a list of extra services I offer, you could list all your extra services and let the client check off 3 for a special price, this package has been the most successful one of all the packages. On my website I have the Lavish line and people love the blueberry facials. And the paw rub. So I just do all the lavish stuff on the dog to really pamper them. Plus an extra long hydro massage bath. I like the smell of their products.


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      I finally decided to just include mine, but so far, I think SPA lavish your pet is the best! I looove their scents and the paw treatment is muy fabulouso! I would recommend either packages, or allowing them to upgrade to the nourish conditioner or one of the shampoos for an additional fee each, and a fee for the facial and pad treatment individually.


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        So tell me about this "Paw treatment." Does it REALLY work? I am one to ONLY use a product if I really feel it works. I would like to know more. Gee, maybe I should just go to their website, duh! LOL

        Poodlefluff I went to your website again (I just love your website), and got some ideas, thank you!

        Tammy in Utah
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          We bought the SPA lavish at the Groom Classic and have been experimenting with it before actually trying to sell it. It is wonderful smells great, the clients so far love it. I used the paw treatment on my Cockers and their pads are like velvet. The facial is the best. Next week we will begin selling it as an add on service. We'll see how it goes. I just wanted to try something new. Plus it makes the shop smell wonderful!!!


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            Poodle, what a cool website you have. I am very impressed and am thinking I really need to get a website of my own! Keep up your great work, it really shows that you love what you do!

            I am also interested in any input any of you have that has the "extra" spa treatments. I scoffed when I first heard about them, but as usual I was wrong because it looks like this is rapidly becoming a very profitable trend!
            SheilaB from SC


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              If you aren't sure and want to try the Spa Lavish product line, they do have a "trial" package. It includes 12-16 oz (I don't remember which for sure ) of each of their products for only $40. There is plenty there to offer a good chance to try it and see if you like it before investing a lot of money into the products. Personally, I LOVE the colognes. The shampoos I find they foam too much for my bathing system and I don't use much shampoo at all so using less is not an option. The facial helps, but I am mobile and charge by the hour, I don't always have the extra 10 min available without putting the pet over the hour and charging for a quarter hour just because of that service would put that service costing $15 extra and I feel that is too much so I can't bring myself to let it soak the full 10 min. Haven't tried the paw treatment or the conditioner yet so can't offer an opinion on them.


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                You can get a sample pack of the spa lavish line for a reasonable price... I think it's $39 and you get one of each product, and it's a good size bottle too, 12 or 16 oz. So it's enough to really try out. It includes the shampoos, conditioners, spray sents, as well as the paw bubble bath and the blueberry facial.

                The next package is more (I think maybe $200 something?) and it includes a full gallon of each product. It also includes some really nice signage and customer product information. They have three different premade spa packages that you can use. The brochures dont have have pricing on them, so you can price them where ever you want. Or, you can set up your own and not use their brochures. The signage is still nice with or without the brochure use. They also supply the materials (logo, artwork, ect) on disc, so with a little creativity you can make your own with your own packages and add the pricing if you like.

                After talking with them indetail at APF the one thing I didn't like is that thier products are all natural, and environmentaly friendly, but none of their signage promotes that. Seems silly to me.

                Anyway, more then you ever wanted to know. I don't use these products where I am yet, I'm still playing with them to decide if I really like them. But that's all the info I have.



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                  checkout jenngroomer's website, that will probably answer all your questions! I love her site!


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                    Hairdevil, I love her site too, so cute. I'll have to see what new stuff she's got going now!

                    4newfs, that was VERY informative and just what I was looking for. Thank you. I tried to find their website but had no luck---'course it was late last night and I didn't try very hard, lol.

                    Tammy in Utah
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                      for spa lavish go to tropiclean dot org

                      I do the Spa extra but it is all inclusive. It is a total package upgrade $20 and it includes teeth brushing, blueberry facial, aroma therapy bath and paw moisturizer.


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                        I only do facial scurb but soon will offer bubble bath/paw treatment. I think the rest of the products are just good smells with fancy names. I don't charge extra for facial scurb since my price is already higher than normal. But I will charge $5 or $10 more for bubble bath just because I have to let the dogs soak in it for a while which means it takes longer to wash them.