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  • Let me know what you think please...

    What are your thoughts on a Self Wash Business? I would appreciate any and all input!!! Charla

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    self wash businesses seem capable of making alot of money by themselves. basically in my dont have to be a groomer to open a self wash business. just a basic knowledge of the correct shampoos, and tubs and ramps or stairs for the dogs to get in the great.
    i know next week im taking my dog to a self wash only...18 for baths, includes towels, tub for 45 mins, dryer etc...bring your own shampoo etc. for 2 dollars more you can use THEIR shampoo, and i believe nail clippers? not sure...i know im going to bring the zoom groom though!
    they are open 6 days a its not bad business...all you have to do is clean up after the peoples pets!


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      I think it would depend on your clients, if you are in a middle class area they would probably like it more than a more expensive area. If you have a mix of both then get one tub set up and see how it goes. As a groomer I know you can never have too many tubs, so if it doesn't end up making a profit, you still have an extra tub when you need it. Most places have it set up in the front lobby area so the client is not in the back with the groomers and other dogs. I think it is a neat idea. If I was not a groomer I would probably search for a self serve pet wash. Because I don't know that I couldn't afford to pay for grooming. I am sure many people feel that way. Many people have bathed their big lab at home and then there was a mess to clean up and the house probably smelled like wet dog because they didn't have a HV dryer, so they never did it again. I just think it is something people would like have offered as a choice.


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        I think there is money to be made!! And why didn't I think of it first!!!!!!!
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