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Food recall and the left over food.

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  • Food recall and the left over food.

    It's been on the news for the past couple days here (Utah), that the recalled dog food is being fed to Pigs used for human consumption. They tested the feces from the pigs and found the chemical in that. They say not to avoid eating pigs. They found that the chemical goes straight to the pigs hearts. They haven't tested the meat or any other part of any pigs after feeding them the food to see if anything else was contaminated.

    I'm sorry, but there is no way in hell that I am going to eat any part of any pig. I wont let anyone I know eat any pig either. They say it's safe but haven't run any tests yet...

    Kiss is...That's all I can say....

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    I saw that story. They also said that the pigs in question were not Pigs used in the food supply for the public so there is no worry about buying pork in a store.

    Unless somethings changed...


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      On the news this morning it said that a lot of pigs are going to be slaughtered because they found out that they were being fed contaminated food.

      It went from being fed intentionally to being fed accidentally.

      They need to pick a story..