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  • St. Bernanrds??

    I have a friend that is wanting to breed his female St. Bernard. He lives in Illinois. He has tried to find males to buy but he can't find any in IL. Does anyone know anyone that is selling Bernards in IL or wanting to mate with a female Bernard in the IL area. If so please respond back or if anyone has suggestions its appreciated thank you.

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    st. bernards have a low sex drive hence why you dont really see many for sale...personally i wouldnt be breeding unless you did your research and are absolutely bettering the breed....NOT just to make some (extra cash). because believe me...raising a litter of st. bernard puppies (say he keeps them until 8 wks) but st. bernards eat ALOT more than other dog breeds he gonna do if he dosnt sell all the puppies? then hes got a male, female and a puppy or two and now he has 3 or 4 st. bernards to raise and feed. something to think about...i dont recommend casual breeding. only breed if your absolutely going to be dedicated to it and know what your doing.


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      My suggestion would be that instead of trying to find a male, he should find a mentor. Someone experienced in breeding Saints, that knows the breed standard and can evaluate the female to see if she's a good enough representative of the breed to consider breeding.

      A mentor can also guide him through all the necessary health testing, evaluate the bitch's pedigree to find a compatible male with the right type to compliment her, genetically. And a mentor can explain all the "What to do if..." situations that can arise once the deed is done.

      If your friend is interested in doing things right, he has a lot of work to do first. And if he isn't interested in doing it right, he shouldn't do it at all.


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        well said helly. i have a friend that breeds amstaffs...and my god i wouldnt want to breed dogs knowing what SHE does just to breed her amstaffs! its a horrendus amount of work...researching bloodlines, what types of disorders are IN those bloodlines, etc etc etc...
        makes me tired just to think about it.


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          Try to educate your friend

          There are soooooooooooooooooo many unwanted dogs already.

          Ask your friend a few questions.
          Aside from being the closest you've ever seen to the perfect representative of the breed- there aren't any yet -

          How's her temperement? Very Good Health overall? Hips OFA certified? Eyes tested? Blood work to eliminate all sorts of stuff not visible?
          How about a clean Brucellosis (doggie VD) test?
          All good?

          Ok- next.
          What if she were to be hurt during breeding? What if she needed to be artificially inseminated? (Thems big doggies!)
          What if she has to have a c-section?
          What if she rejects the puppies- it happens. Are you willing to feed newborns every 2 hours for what will seem like a never ending time? Are you willing to clean up their waste? What will happen if a pup needs major medical attention?
          What if 2 or 3 of them do?
          What if after all your hard work & effort you can't find forever homes for them? Are you willing to take every one of them back for the next 10 years meaning the rest of their lives or so when the puppy is no longer fun, too big, too expensive.... for the new owners?

          I'm not being negative.
          It's a very painful reality. I have been there.

          No, don't know anyone who has a St. Bernard.