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  • Question for Stephen or Anyone who might know

    I used the american veterinary medical associations formula to figure the number of pet owning households in my area but can't seem to find a formula that describes how to figure out how many of those pet owners use grooming services my instructors want me to include that in my business plan. Should I just wing a wild guess?

    Thanks Lori

    Stephen: Absolutely no one has that info clearly; we've never seen that. However, we can product an estimate that is a bit reasonable. The 1990 Gallup Poll of pet owners showed 43% of dog owners had used grooming services at least once. So that doesn't mean 43% consistently do, so I would use a smaller percentage for estimates.

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    If you go to you can get pet owning households in certain areas. No way of knowing if they use grooming services or not, however you can break down dog vs. cat. All these owners can benefit from grooming services.

    Stephen: Infousa is a good source, we have used for groomers even. However, I caution everyone that when you hear "pet owning households" you are being sold the names of "pet" owners, so that will include fish and exotics which you may not groom. That's why we provide you with dog and cat calculators, not pet calculators. If you want a pet calculator you are safe at 61% of human households in the U.S. That figure has been steadily between 58% to 61% for many years, but doesn't work for grooming specific business plans, but good for pet store plans.